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Yes, Major just lost a tooth the other day. It was bleeding a little bit, than changed color, then the next time I looked it was gone. So I asked the vet today, (while he was there for his shots) just to make sure, and he said that his adult teeth are starting to come in and he still has a couple more to lose. One thing I have heard too, is that boxers teeth don't get as big as other large breed dogs.

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That's normal. My little girl is such a poot - she constantly attacks Buster when we are on walks. One time she snapped at him and immediately after wiped her bloody mouth all over my leg. I freaked out not realizing what it was...When I got home, her baby tooth was lodged into the hair on his back! That's the only one I ever found from either of them to keep.

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Amaya has recently been losing teeth like crazy (She is 4 1/2 mo). I wonder how she eats :) I have found 5 of her teeth in the last 2 weeks.

Like skin kids teething can be a process with dogs. Amaya didn't always want to eat, she was a little under the weather and a little sassier than normal. Much like real babies. Some people give them a little asprin or anbesol to help out.

When they begin to teeth make sure they have plenty to chew on since their gums need something to chew on to get the new teeth in.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by MajorMom:
One thing I have heard too, is that boxers teeth don't get as big as other large breed dogs.


I have noticed that too. Boxers teeth are very small compared to other dogs teeth.



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Good answer, Robyn! hehehhehehe


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