Looks Like Diaper Rash!?!?!

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My little baby Dayla (1 year old) has what looks like a diaper rash on her little baby belly.
I didnt think anything of it at first, but now it is raw. I try to stop her from licking, but I am not around all of the time.
When I touch it she shows me it is sensitive. But, she plays like the little puppy she is.

I dont want to put any lotion on it, because she will just lick it off. We are going to the vets on Friday to see what they say but I wanted to see if you all had this issue and if so, what did you use to get rid of it and keep it away?
Looks Like Diaper Rash

While i cant tell you what the rash is.when our girl had her surgery i took a short sleeve T-shirt (depends on size of your babe) split it about half way up the front put it on her took the cut pieces drew them up around that shinny waist and over her back and tied it in a knot.a great deterent to licking.can also use a long sleeve T-shirt for leg lickers or injurys.


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Maggie had a rash on her stomach too when she was younger, and the vet diagnosed it as "puppy impetigo." She gave Maggie antibiotics and it went away in short order, not to have returned since.

Check with the vet. I'm sure this will be easily taken care of. Good luck.
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