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I am looking for a breeder in my area. I would like to introduce my family to boxers and have been unable to find a breeder.
My grandfather raised boxers when I was young and I had one that was dedicated to me. He walked me to school in the morning and came back to pick me up in the afternoon. He was always by my side and never let strangers near me. My parents still tell the story about when I was a baby dad told the my boxer to watch me while I took a nap and he did such a good job he would not let my grandmothers in the room to see me.


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Hello and welcome :) These website may help you find a breeder near you. The first one is a list of Boxer Clubs by area and probably the best place to start:

A list of breeders:

This site has a good overview on what to look for in a breeder and may help:

You may want to post your question about Boxers and children in the Boxer Ring section as you will get lots of replies there :)


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Hello and welcome to the board :)
What a great story of yours about the boxer you had when you were a child. Boxers are truly devoted to their families and they are great companions. Hope you will soon find a reputable breeder and get a new member of your family - a little boxer pup :)
Best of luck

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