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I wasn't offended, just offering legitimate reasons they might have had. But the fact that she got out twice tells me they probably just don't care. They seem to be under the impression that it is ok for loose dogs to be roaming the streets. Even if they don't care if the dog is hit by a car or hurt somehow, I would think they would be afraid of a lawsuit if she bites or chases and tackles someone.

Yes my girl does have a microchip, but she's so attached to me she would never go anywhere. Honestly I find it very annoying, because I am always stepping on her. The only time I worry about her running off is when I take her home to Youngstown and I go out. Because I know if she had the chance, she would run away to look for me. So she does wear her collar with tags at all times when we are there.


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Well... her owners put a flyer up for her. It makes me mad because I know this is the second time in a week this particular pup has gotten out. There was a big male Dobie running the street yesterday as well and apparently that was their dog too - I couldn't catch him but the Animal Services officer did. I called the # on the flyer and told them their dogs were at Animal Services. It's going to cost them at least $130 to get them out. If they end up not getting her out I am definitely considering adopting her. Why do people not put collars and tags on their dogs??!! I would be more understanding, but this is the second time she's gotten out with no tag or collar. UUGH!

I'm glad the owners know where ther dogs are. My dogs don't wear collars at home either. However if they are outside in the fenced back yard they are monitored. Before the fence went up they had their collars on, even tho' I was with them. After dark with no fence they had leashes on as well (Can you say "rabbit"?)

The owners of those dogs don't seem real responsible. My guess is they are kept outside unattended. They need to fix their fence and bring the dogs in as well as put collars on them.


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My little girl and the Dobie she ran off with got bailed out today. appicon I assume it was the owners as she was not available for adoption yet - I checked this morning. Hoping this was a lesson to the owners to take better care of their sweet girl. I really felt like she was cared for when I found her, so I am glad she's home with her people now. Am thinking they probably didn't have the money to bail them out until today. I just hope they are more responsible with their pets from now on.
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