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I have been wondering if our 15 month boxer is a long nose or possibly mixed with another breed. We got him recently and his previous owners said that he was a purebred boxer. He seems to have all of the traits, but his face looks a little different. I dont care if he is not purebred, but I was just wondering.

When we first got him


These are recent pictures




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It's really hard to tell without a good sideways view of the head. The nose looks like it could be long, but otherwise he looks all boxer. My guess is that he is just poorly bred. The nose is the first thing to go, if proper attention is not paid to the standard when breeding.

He is a very handsome boy!


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He is a beauty! Thats for sure! It could be poor breeding of standards. Lily has a little longer nose too. But dang they are cute anyways!!!

He sure has some nice muscle definition. That tongue looks boxer too! LOL Looks all boxer to me!


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What a cutie pie:)

His nose is a little long, Raleigh's is too and so was Brooster's, Morrissey nose was more pushed in:)

Raleigh, 5 year old Brindle wild boy x

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