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Hi all,

I see there were quite a few others with the same wait to get in. Glad I kept trying.

My name's Kate and I'm in Phoenix, AZ with my boxer boy Ozric. He's a brindle with a natural tail and ears. I just got some of his pictures up in my gallery here. Hard to choose which ones to share out of the hundreds that I've taken.

Ozzie is almost 8 months now. We got him at six weeks from a co-worker who had a litter with his girl. Since we got to pick him (or since he got to pick us I suppose) at three days old we were able to keep his tail. I'm pretty sure the rest of his brothers and sisters were jealous, although his skin grand-pa said they made fun of him. Oh well, he loves his tail and so do we.

Ozzie lives with his older sisters, Bonzai and 4yrs Scuzzle Butt 1 yr- both mix breeds and both just as crazy as Ozzie.

Ozzie's my first boxer and I'm hooked. He has such a wonderful disposition and incredible character. Not too mention that he's immensely handsome (i'm not biased).

Unfortunately Ozzie has had a slew of bad luck recently. We took him to the bark park for the first time two weeks ago where he was attacked by another dog. The other dog locked his jaw on ozzies throat and didn't release until my boyfriend (ozzies skin-dad) wrestled the other dog to ground and put him in a choke-hold. It was scary as &$%* to say the least. After a trip to the vet and a couple stitches ozzie was back to normal. Then two days ago he decided to eat a jellow-jacket and his face swelled up so back to the vet we went.

Luckily he's a little tank and hasn't seemed to be phased by any of it.

So thats our story. Glad to be a part of this community and i look forward to sharing with all of you.

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Welcome to Boxerworld! Glad to see another person from the Valley of the Sun. We're in Tempe - what part of Phoenix are you in. You're gonna love this place and it is well worth the wait it took to get registered.

Look forward to hearing your stories and seeing pictures of your babies.


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Hello & welcome to BW, Enjoy all it has to offer!! You sure do have a cutie there!!

Mandy, Proudly owned by Rayne, Kimber & the rest of the gang


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Cindy -

We're in central Phx, around 7th Ave and Indian School.
Where in Tempe are you? We used to go to the bark part near University and Priest i think? I'm not sure yet if we'll go back to another bark park again after the last incident - but all my babies seem to love it so much I hate to take it away from them just becuase of one bad time.


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Hi and welcome to boxerworld. Alot of information and support here. Sorry to hear about your baby. They do seem to get themselves into trouble(the yellow jacket). Mine likes to chase them too! Yet other boxer trait? Good luck.


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Hi and welcome :) I'm new here too, so we're pretty much in the same spot. I would love to see the pic's! I've never seen a boxer with his tail, and I'm just curious... LoL.


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Thank you for the link to the pic's! He's beautiful!!! And so tiny... Hehe, not for long though. Don't get too comfortable with him being so small it will be no time and he'll be a monster. In a good way that is.


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Hi and welcome to this wonderful site

I just love the pics of Ozric....he is a beautiful boy.....my Monty has his complete tail too and those baby pics of Ozric bring back lots of memories.

However...that tail does grow and beware of them shaking themselves when they get older...you'll learn to leap out of the way before you get whip lashed....he,he smashicon smashicon

Not that I'd change my boy at all...just have to keep them away from doors and furniture when they get so excited...oh bless them

best wishes from Sue and Monty
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