Lolas Story-Why to choose a breeder carefully

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This is the story of my own Lola. I put it out there to hopefully educate people on how to pick a breeder and how not to support breeders like this one. I want people to know there is a difference between people who really care about the breed and people who only care about money.
Thank you so much for sharing that heartbreaking story. I am so glad that those babies landed in your hands. I'm sure they are quite thankful also. It is so sad how some people see dogs as a moneymaking machine rather than a living, breathing animal that has feelings too. I hope this story can reach at least one BYB and hopefully it will change the way they see things. Bless you and the others for taking in those 4 beautiful girls and giving them the home they deserve!!


wow. what a sad but great story. you are such a wonderful person and I want to thank you. I am so happy that the pups found a loving home. lola is a treasure. keep her close. she knows you saved her and her sisters and for that she will forever be greatful. angelicon.

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Thanks so much for sharing your story. It amazes me everytime I hear things like this that there are people in this world like this breeder....


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Thank you for sharing Lola's story,It brought tears to my eyes & thank you all for being such kind & loving people for taking these poor babies in! Its wonderful they all lived & have such loving homes now & will never be abused.Hanley


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Thanks for sharing Lola's story. I am glad to hear her and her siblings have found their way into great forever homes and will not endure what their mother Angel did. I wish Angel had a better ending than she did. I feel so badly for these dogs that are used to breed over and over again. They deserve the best homes too. Lola is beautiful.
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