Logan's Home!!!

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Hey gang,

The little man's home!!! He was absolutely wonderful on the flight home, sleeping all the way! Once in the apt, he was scared of the wooden floor not covered by the carpet but quickly overcame that with the help of some kibble.

He's at my feet sleeping and is about to burst from needing to go poop. He's already peed twice which we weren't fast enough to catch and take him outside. The poop part we're able to catch quickly but once outside he is already distracted and gets even more distracted by the cars, people, and the COLD!! What should I do? Should I just take him outside right of the apt door?

Needing some poop advice,



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I would take him outside and just wait it out. He will hopefully soon get used to all the new sights and sounds and won't get so distracted. I think is better to actually go for a walk, rather than just stand around. You will both be warmer that way and I have always found that exercise helps to get the puppy bowels moving. :LOL:

Good luck,


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Welcome home Logan

I'm pleased the trip went well :)

Ahh..Boxer puppies...they have the attention span of a Goldfish :rolleyes: It may help if you pick a word or phrase which means do your business, we use 'quickly quickly' which we can say out in public and no one thinks we are too cracked. If your consistant, and try to take him to the same spot, and you use the phrase he will eventually associated the phrase with going poop and the great feedback you give him (act like he has just won you a million dollars - actually the first time they go it feels just as good as them winning lotto :LOL: ). As Jan said, we have found that a little walk helps move things along.

Don't worry too much about him being distracted as he is now in a whole new world now with so many exciting things going on :)

With Ruben and Amy (double trouble) the going poop routine went like this. We troop outside, stand around saying 'qyickly quickly', we wait and wait and wait and eventually they did something, as they were doing their business we went crazy with 'clever puppy, what a wonderful puppy' and the second they finished they got a treat. They were then allowed to investigate a little more then we tropped back inside. The reason we did not go back inside straight away is that Tess (now at the bridge) was quick to learn that as soon as she did something the outside fun stopped so she would hang on as long as possible :LOL:

Looking forward to updates.


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