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My 5 year old girl has been limping for a couple of days now on her right front paw. I'm thinking of taking her to the vet tomorrow but I don't want to be over dramatising this if it's just a sprain. She usually plays very hard and has gotten a sprain before several times. However she usually walks it off rather quickly, this is the longest it's gone on. There is no swelling and I don't know how she did this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Oh also, she does let me touch it and move it and does not cry or act like it hurts when I do that, can I rule out a break??? Should I be using a warm compress?


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You should be taking her to the Dr asap. I wouldn't fool around with a limp. She could have done any number of things to her leg, elbow, whatever. I would get her to the vet and try to keep her as calm and quiet as you possibly can until you find out what it is.

Take care and let us know what the Dr says!


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I would take her to the vet also, I know it costs $$ but if she did do some real damage correcting that after it has "healed" could be much more expensive. I would also not use a warm compress, I was in dance for years in competitions and everything and never did I use a warm compress on myself. It is ok for muscular issues but can increase swelling, my thoughts are cool is always better (but not ice! it may damage the skin) keep her calm and get her in to the vet.

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