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Well for weeks now, as with most puppies, I have been doing the old housebreaking thing. Cleaning up "messes" what seems like all the time. Now I am not sure if I am putting this under the right category, if not sorry. Anyway this afternoon Princess starts prancing in circles around the living room like she had to go really bad, but I had just brought her in from going so I just watched to see what was up. All the sudden she runs to the door scratches at it and looks at me!:eek: I was like ok she has to go and now. So I got up got her on her leash and out we went and boom she just barely made it to the grass.partyicon YIPPEE!! I know she will probably still have accidents but I am just so proud:D of her I can't stand it!!!!
OK! I will stop now.



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Dont stop!! That's what BW if for. We're here to help celebrate :)

Congratulations :)

Good work Princess!!

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That is so exciting!! Way to go Princess!!

I know how you feel.. I'm going thru the same thing and the other day she ran to the door full speed and sat there and just stared at it! I took her out and she went! Of course 2 days later she went on the floor 2x and stared at me while she did it!! Patience, patience, patience...:)

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Wow, talk about your patience paying off! Dont you dare stop posting such things, we are here for the good times also :D

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Way to go Princess...could you give Clara a few lessons? :LOL: Once the semester ends here for the summer, I'll be home with Clara all the time so the housebreaking should be easier!

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It is amazing how happy these little things can make us!! Bella is just over 5 months old now. She is potty trained to ring a bell that is next to our door. I hang her leash on it. We tought her to use it by gently nudging it with her head every time we went outside when she was a little puppy. She picked it up in no time!! Now she still has an occasional accident, but I can usually attribute that to being my fault. There are a few times that I didn't take her out when she wanted to go because I felt that she had just been out several times and done ALL of her business. One thing I have noticed with Boxers: There is ALWAYS more!!! Lately, I have tried to take her out even if I think she shouldn't have to go. There have been several mornings that she had to go #2 twice within an hour. I would much rather spend a few minutes outside than cleaning that mess up first thing in the morning. Puppies are funny. They don't always think to take care of all of their business at one time. Bella used to pee outide, cry to come inside, and then ring the bell 2 minutes later to go #2.

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