lifting his leg on furniture

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I have a big problem with my male boxer Tyson,my doberman of thirteen yrs passed away two wks ago and now I have a very sad dog that sits by the window and looks for Jillie and now he lifts his leg on my furniture and the corner of my bed now I have them covered up but thats not the point.Its every time I go out now.I have yelled at him,showed him what he did ,gave him a swat on the butt and it just don't matter to him.If i got another puppy would that help or get him neutered.i love him and want to help him.He has his own dog door so he can come and go as he pleases,he has abig fenced in yard to play but no one to play with he is three yrs old .can someone please help me.Thank YouJoey K


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How old is he?

Obviously, you should get him neutered (for many many reasons, most importantly his health). Neutering your male will also decrease his desire to mark territory around your house. If you do not plan on breeding him then please neuter your dog, as in-tact males have higher rates of cancer, and other health problems down the line. I am sure that you have his very best interests at heart.

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Poor Tyson :( Dogs can feel grief very deeply and he must miss Jillie a great deal, and I'm sure you do as well - I am very sorry for your loss.

If this is when you go out, it may be that he is suffering a bit - grief / separation anxiety. If you do a forum search on seperation anxiety you will find lots and lots of posts.

I'd really recommend that you look at purchasing a DAP PlugIn. DAP = Dog Appeasing Pheromone. These are excellent and really help dogs who are stressed / upset etc. Here are some links on this:

How to deal with this is probably the main issue at the moment.. If this is when you are away, any type of reprimand or punishement is not going to work, and in fact, could make Tyson a bit more unsettled and sad and this will worsen the problem. Just ignoring it, and cleaning it up out of his sight is probably the best option. Tyson would not even be aware that he is breaking any house rules ..... this type of thing is basically a stress response.

A really great booklet that might help you out is 'I'll be Home Soon' by Patricia B. McConnell
It is available here:

EDIT: I started a search for you, these threads might help (follw the links to the articles on SA):

All the best with this Joey, and again, I'm very sorry for your loss.



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I agree 100% with Krikkits advice. Dogs do feel grief and loss in their own way, and with that grief comes some forms of acting out sometimes. I believe he is feeling the loss and when you leave he is somehow stressed even more, hence lifting his leg on the furniture.

Follow up on Krikkits advice. As soon as he is able to feel secure again, I am sure he will stop acting out in this way.

I am deeply sorry for your loss, it is never easy to deal with whether we are human or canine.



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My parents first boxer boy use to lift his leg on their stuff sometime after he had his first b-day. They got him neutered and he stopped doing it. Maybe that will help with your dog.
If you feel you are ready and can handle another puppy/dog right now, than that also may be a good idea.
BTW, so sorry to hear about your loss. I know Dobies are great dogs, as I use to have one myself. That was quite a few years back but I still miss that dog.


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The dog is grieving. He is confused. He doesn't understand why the other dog isn't coming home. He's marking the territory in the hopes that the other dog will find her way home. This is behavioral response to loss and grief.

By reprimanding your dog you are not helping the situation at all. Krikkit has given good advice. Your dog needs special attention now, time with just you and him to take his mind off the loss and to show him happy times, not that you are angry with him every time you walk in the house!

How would you feel if you were greiving the loss of someone close to you, your best friend and companion, and everyone yelled at you and hit you and rubbed your nose in your own tears. That isn't love to me.

Please people!!!!! Try and put yourselves in your dog's place FIRST before we start blaming dogs for everything. Can't we at leat TRY to learn to understand our dogs before we start swatting them because they don't understand us crazy humans?
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