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Boxer Pal
I have a 2 and 1/2 year old boxer and was wondering how long boxers usually live. My boxer was hit by a car when he was 1 and now only has three legs but shows no sign of slowing down. He's full of life and is so lovable. I completely spoil him. Also, does an inside dog tend to live longer than an outside dog?
Thanks for any help, Travis
Buff, 2 1/2yr old male fawn, black mask


What a story! So glad Buff is having a good life, in spite of the loss of a leg. Your description says a lot about how much you love him. "Flawless". I love it.
My female, had a lot of health problems and yet...lived a happy, spoiled life until 12 1/2. I read on another board recently about a 14 yr old.

Tooma's Mom

That is wonderful, hopefully you will have at least another decade together...My first Boxer shared my life for 13 years she was a white spayed female. There are many who have lived 12+ years,it really depends on bloodline,diet,and generally spayed animals have a longer lifespan. Unfortunately like people you never know for certain, so make each day wonderful!
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