leaking POOP!

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My almost 7month old girl was spayed 3 weeks ago. She has had diarrhea since tuesday this week and we took her to the vet on Thursday. It's sunday and her stool is still loose and she leaks stool. She'll leak, then clean herself, and all this has caused her to be very red around her anus and tail. I've tried to find some info about leaking poop, but didn't see any. She is on meds to harden her stool as well as an antibiotic. I'm freaking out thinking the spaying procedure has caused her to lose control, or I'm thinking her antibiotic is causing the leakage. It's just really green, slimy and gross and I need to find some info quick! Thanks for any advice you might have to offer. And I have bought some pumpkin to try to cork her up also.


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I would think the spay has anything to do with it as it was 3 weeks ago. I would try feeding her chicken and oatmeal with a little pumpkin and some yoghurt. It should help firm up the stool and get the good bacteria back in the gut. I don't know about the leaking stool. At least she is cleaning herself. A little gross though. :) Hopefull she will be feeling better soon.

A spay sometimes causes incontinence, but I haven't ever heard of a spay causing them to lose control of their bowels. A Tablesponn of pumpin will be enough.


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Is it possible that she may be leaking from her anal sacks? Maybe she needs to have them expressed. Just a thought - Cathy


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I've heard of the anal sacks needing to be expressed. Are you noticing her rubbing her butt alot? Ususally on the rug or the side of the couch and such. Her licking herself maybe be her way of relieving the feeling of pressure.

The anal glands are grape-like sacs on either side of the anus and they are what provide scent to urine and feces. Anyway, some type of trauma can damage them and cause them to block up. It's possible sometime during the spaying procedure, a little damage to the gland occured.

It's a thought. There's a site, if it's OK to post. www.petsdoc.com
Maybe check it out.

Hope all works out.



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leaking poop

I took her to the vet on monday because sunday night, the leaking was unbearable and she was miserable. Her bottom was so red from her licking herself to death. The vet expressed her anal glands and said she had a normal poop while she was at the vet. Brought her home last night and she seemed fine, but after about an hour, I saw her leaking poop again! and she continued to leak last night also. Her stool is still soft when she goes to the bathroom. The "leaking" is a combination of stool and this foul smelling greenish stuff that the vet said was the anal sac secretions. She's on antibiotic as well... I'm just concerned as to how long this will continue. We're going on over a week now!!!!
Just as an FYI, her being on antibiotics probably isn't helping. Antibiotics kill even the good bacteria, and when most dogs are taking them they have diarrhea. I'm not saying she shouldn't take them, you should definitely consult your vet about that, but I would think they are probably sabotaging your efforts.


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hope your girl starts feeling better soon. I have never experienced this however I know it must be hard for you, I'm glad you went to the vet with her, is she maybe having a reaction to her food also? Would oatmeal and chicken help? just some ideas.. I would definately use some yogourt too to help with adding the good bacteria, and re-consult the vet about the antibiotics..

sending (((((((healing vibes)))))))) your way

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