Kongs...how messy do they get???

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I finally got Jake a Kong. But my concern is if I stuff it w/p.b. or cheese, how big of a drooly mess am I going to have in my house??? Anything I can stuff it with that won't come out in less than five minutes, that also won't make a mess???


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Debbie, I recommend putting the stuffed kong in the freezer then giving it to your dog. It takes a bit more time and effort for the reward. Cooper only gets his in his crate when we are going somewhere. It really gives him something to look forward to and he runs into the crate as soon as I open the freezer. He is never messy with it, even the few occasions I've given it to him outside the crate. Good Luck!!

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I love the idea of freezing the kong, I will have to try that out! I bet it is really refreshing on hot days too !!
I don't find the kong to be messy, in or out of the crate. Jazz loves it... he has however figured out that if he throws it down the stairs so it hits the wall, the p. butter comes out, and he can just lick it off of the wall....LOL For variety I sometimes put little treats in the peanut butter, it gives him something to work for !!
Hope you enjoy yours !!

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I am laughing at this picture in my head of your baby throwing that Kong against the wall and pb splattering the wall!!! Aren't they smart???

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