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I rescued a stray pregnant kitty tonight; she was living on the streets outside a friend's house. I took her to the vet tonight and had her tested for feline leukemia and another virus (I forget) and she tested negative so I brought her home.

She is very small (tiny limbs, a tiny head and she is very skinny other than the fact that her stomach is huge). The vet told me she is ready to deliver any day now and that she should be okay despite her size.
My question is; shouldn't I be able to feel some movement when I touch her abdomen? I can remember when I was a kid when my cat was pregnant you could feel all kinds of bumping and jumping around but I feel minimal movement.

I couldn't let her deliver the babies living on the street (especially with her being a black cat and Halloween so close at hand) and I already have homes for two of the kittens and my husband and I are already getting attached to mama kitty so once she's done with the kittens it's time to get her spayed.

Can anyone give me advice too on what to look for in the event she's in labor but having problems delivering? Will I be able to tell? Will she make noise or meow? My friend had been feeding her and said she has been very active the last few weeks but tonight she just purrs and is very affectionate but she stays put where ever you lay her down; she's not moving much.

Thanks in advance. The last time I dealt with a pregnant kitty was when I was about 10 years old and I don't remember too much. Ruby is camped out outside the bathroom door where the kitty is resting. Ruby was so excited to see the kitty she was shaking and showing great interest.


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I don't know what to tell you about pregnant kitties, but good for you for taking her in and being concerned about her and her health.

I think cats are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to birthing. I would just give her a box with an opening so she can easily get in and she will do the rest. Don't be surprised if she tries to "go off" and have her kittens. She may want privacy when the event is taking place. Like I said, give her a box in the corner of a room and let her do the rest. If something doesn't look right to you, then maybe you can have the vet on the line to guide you through the process.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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What a good sameritan you are :)
having done the same thing a few weeks ago (kittens are now 4 weeks old today) myself I can give you a few hints to look for.

1) constant search for a Nesting spot. you will want to offer her several "appropraite" paces for her to have her Kitties. If left to her own she will chose the darkest spot in you closet on your Wedding Gown!

2) When Labor is starting you may notice her using the litter box repeatedly with little or no results. Another thing you may notice is constant circleing in her chosen nest. Most often you can just leave her to her own devices and she will do fine.

3) Ask you Vet how long you should leave her in Labor with bno results before interfering, they know best! I also visited this web site and it helped me a bit since I to had not had kittens since I was 10 or so :)

If you want to see some Pics of Our Kittens visit Greta's Family Pic Page in my signiture.

Good Luck and I want to see some pics when they get here!

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