Kids as a distraction for agility

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Okay, in our agility class there are three puppies and a senior dog. The owner of one of the puppies brings her children. Normally they are on the other side of the fence. They are three boys all under the age of eight. They rough house the entire time. It is loud and distracting. Initially, I thought it was good because the dogs would learn to ignore the distractions at an early age. Then the owner started bringer her kids onto the course to participate. This last week dad came and he allowed all the kids to run amuck on the equipment. I could not keep my puppies attention. I really tuned the kids out. I had a bad day and was so focused on my dog that it never occurred to me to say something. Plus, the trainer has brought her young son along from time to time and he is also on the course. She does make him move away from whatever piece of equipment we are on at the time or be still and quiet which he does.

thought? Opinions?


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I don't think that children should be allowed in the ring, unless they are working the dog. Outside the ring would be fine, IMO!
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