Keno's Petsmarts pics...

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Az Boxr Lovr

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I just loved the pix. Keno sure is a beautiful pup. I would love to get Joe's pix done but I'm afraid of a few things. First, I'm sure he'll do an excited pee everywhere. Then, what if he decided that the photographer was a "bad" man when he tries to reposition us???? Could turn bloody...I guess I'll just stick with my digitals! :LOL:
Cheryl :)


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Thank you !!! :)

Az Boxr Lovr, I know what you mean, we were actually really kind of scared to take Keno to get his pics taken too, but believe it or not he did so well...I'm sure what helped so much was the fact that the guy taking the pics was awesome and really knew how to keep Keno's attention (he had a bunch of great noise making toys)...we were so unsure about taking Keno off his leash because PetsMart was packed that night and there were dogs everywhere..and with basically no training we thought forsure Keno would see another dog and bolt right off the platform...luckily he didn't even notice the other dogs ! Also, we took a few treats with us that night so they helped keep his attention on us too ! And I wouldn't worry one bit about the excited peeing thing your baby does either, I'm sure he wouldn't be the first dog to get excited and pee on the floor.. :LOL: :)


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Keno is very handsome! I LOVE the 'beach' pic! Though, I like both, the beach scene is my favorite! We're taking Paisley to get her picture taken Saturday. I, too, am scared of how she'll act. I hope it's not many people because even though she is in training right now, she still has no manners..hehe. Maybe it won't be too bad, hopefully it won't be bad at all! I think it's going to be taken with a Christmas background.. I can't wait!
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