Kennel Cough?

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Hi all,
All the dogs that Baxter has been around has not had any symptoms of kennel cough. A couple of days after we took him to the dog park is when he started to have this hacking cough. We took him to his vet & he put him on antibiotics for 10 days. This was a little over 3 weeks ago. His vet said it would take 3 weeks to clear up. It seems to be getting worse. So back to the vet we are going. Has anyone here had this problem? Any suggestions?

Baxter's dad


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I would want my vet to take a look at his lungs to make sure it's just kennel cough and not pneumonia. Two of my babies have had it before and it was kennel cough that got worse--three weeks is a long time and for it to be getting worse, I would definitely want more tests! I hope he starts feeling better soon!!! poor baby....


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Kennel cough will usually last for about 3 weeks. Antibiotics are not going to help unless there is some secondary infection involved as kennel cough is caused by a virus. The overuse of antibiotics causes bacteria to become resistent to them and they should never be used just in case. :(

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I agree with all the above.....also....childrens robitussin was the most effective thing we encountered with Sasha!! Used it like clockwork and she was better! Hope your baby is better soon!
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