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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of kennel cough via home remedy? Manny has been on "Keflex" for a few days now and it doesn't seem to be improving. Should I continue with his antibiotic and ride it out? Any suggestions would be extremely helpful to help my little 8 month old buddy out


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I don't know of any home remedies. Kennel cough can take a while to clear up...even if on antibiotics. Actually, seems like it takes forever :)

Last summer I had kennel cough going around (I raise Maltese + have two Boxers).

I had taken the boxers to a doggie park some distance away for a big annual event (had never been to a dog park before) -- and sure enough, about a week later my Boxers started the coughing/hacking... and some of my Malts caught it from them. My dogs were on SMZ/TMP and it took a while before things started to slow down.

Kennel cough is generally something we (& the poor furballs) just have to ride, I'd say for sure, keep giving the med and wait. Of course, you can always call and check in with your vet.

Poor Manny....and poor you. It's difficult to watch them go thru it.
Take care!


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It takes about 3 weeks for kennel cough to run its course. It is like the common cold. There is not a lot that you can do to make it go away any faster. You can help ease the cough by giving a little honey. Antibiotics won't help unless there is a secondary infection involved like pneumonia. :(

I hope Manny is feeling better soon.


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Thank you all for your repsonses and for the well wishes. I hope he gets better soon. I feel so bad for the big guy.


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My pup had KC for pretty close to a month when he was 6 months old, but he's just fine now. Since it's a virus the only thign you can do is help boost the immune system but this doesn't get rid of it it really just makes the pup more comfortable and can possibly shorten the length of the virus. You can give Vitamin C (Ester C so it doesn't hurt their tummy which is human), I recommend a good doggie multi-vitamin as well, and a B-Complex vitamin (human), high quality food, lots of rest and water, and that's about all you can do.

Good luck!


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Our girls had it not too long ago, they must have had a bacterial strain because after about 24 hours on the antibiotics, they were markedly better. The vet said we could give them plain Robitussin (plain not DM or anything) and honey to help with the cough. That did help, although I would recommend buying an eye dropper with the cough syrup, that's the easiest way to get it down. The vet also said that they should be restricted on physical activity as much as possible because as they breathe harder, the more they cough. We were lucky, they were much better after a few days and there was no more cough after about a week and a half.
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