Keeps biting! 2 Q's. sorta long. gr!

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GR! i dont know how many times i've posted about this but, brocky still is biting. He just bit and growled at me a half hour ago when he got excited, he didn't break the skin but it really hurts now, like a bruse. He's a 6month old, flashy fawnDo they grow out of this? When children ask to pet my puppy, I get sortof scared to say yes, thinking if he may bite from over excitment. I feel like he thinks he's the boss. Is there an age they grow out of this???

Another Question.
Gosh my dogs a pain! Lol. anywayz, He is STILL not potty trained, I've been looking 4 a bell to bell train him, but havn't had luck finding a good one. How long has it took YoU to potty train ur pup? I just wanted a little info on how long it may take, everyone sais that i just need to be patient and that he'll learn eventually. Its so hard 2 beleive. Lol.


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Your puppy will grow out of biting if he is trained properly. Have you gone through any kind of obedience training?? If not, it may be well worth your time and effort to do so.

My boys weren't completely housebroken until they were probably about the 8 month mark. Of course, when they had accidents it was my fault for not getting to them quickly enough. You have to learn to read their body behavior and notice their signals. You also have to be consistant and patient (as you do with any training).

Have you done a forum search yet on these subjects?? These are two of the most common questions that come up and there are a lot of threads already out there with some great info/advice which can be pulled up by doing a search.

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how do i?

How do I train him right to not bite? I've tried EVERTHING. I have done 2 puppy classes and will start 5 week ones soon.
Thanks 4 the advice!


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Let your baby know that bitting is not accepted.. Say "no bite" when he tries he will learn. Give him a toy so he knows that bitting you is wrong but he can bit chew on his toys.

Bell training was pretty easy.. I have a string of several bells 10 or so hanging on the door knob. We would take Abigail to the back door ask her if she needed to go out ring the bells then take her out. She learned really quit.. within a few days she would go to the door hit the bells with her nose and stand there.. we opened the door and out she went.. its been great.. we got our bells from a wedding we attended.. the same kind you can get from any sort of a hobby store..

Good luck with the training..


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End play entirely when the dog bites. Go away and ignore him. If he gets no satisfaction from biting, he's going to stop doing it. He only wants attention.

Another method is alternate behavior: Give the dog something appropriate to bite/chew when he begins biting on you. Show him what TO DO, not yell at him or give him attention for doing the wrong thing.

All this has been discussed, as stated above, many times and there are many good tips here at BW. Pleaese use the search engine for more information. Also, the book forum is a wonderful play to research these things. There are many good books such as "The Culture Clash" which deal with this issue effective and thoroughly. Take the time to educate yourself so you can properly educate and guide your dog into proper behavior.

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