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We will be getting our baby end of this week.
She is going to be a little sister to her 3skin siblings.
We already love her and because i am a stay at home mom....I am home all day...she will use the crate only at night ...and for those times when she just needs peace from the kidsLOL
We will be having a bday party for my 4 year old in 2 weeks.
And there are 4 people who are invited who either hate dogs or are very scared of them.
We have her crate in the kitchen and I will do the party in the bsmt.
I know Nina will want to be with the kids but unfortunately we have to crate her during this time.
I have read in here about the KONG and how much fun they have trying to get food out.
She will be 14 2 she too young for a peanut butter and doggie biscuit filled kong?I dont want to give her diarhea..
My heart is already breaking over the fact that she cannot be with us during the party.....what do some of you do when you have people over who are fearfull of dogs??


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Hi, let the people who are coming to the b-day party say hello to your little Nina. She´s a little baby and you have to tell them that she is just as harmless as a human baby (I hope they are not afraid of them =)). This is the time for them to get in contact with a doggie... We wish you a great birthday party... !!!!! Vicky and Buster


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I wouldn't fill the entire Kong w/ peanut butter. For my pups, I fill half of each kong w/ liver paste from the pet store along w/ some kibble. Out the end I put a treat. Then I stick it in the freezer. I highly recommend freezing it. Not only does it keep them entertained for longer, but the cold sensation feels good on their gums when they are teething.
I agree with another member about letting people come see the furbaby. Not only will it give the people a chance to be around a young pup, but it will help in socializating your baby as well!!! Since I don't have that many people come into my home my furbabies go nuts so they have to be crated whenever anyone is over. And I really hate that. I just don't know how to get them used to people coming into our home...maybe if I pay people to come over.


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Chloe started getting a kong since her 10th week; but - the poor thing did not know what to do with it. She didn't know how to hold it so she could scoop up the goodies from the inside. I would open her crate and sit with her, hold the kong like a baby bottle and let her lick it up. Now, recently she's mastered this - but I'm not sure if it was before or after she turned 14 weeks... might have been after :(

Your best bet is to tire your baby out as much as possible - so she sleeps through out the party. I hate to be telling you this - but if it was Chloe - now, or 3 weeks ago; and she was in her crate while there were voices in the basement - she would cry: loud.......

Can you get a puppy sitter - to play with her upstairs? Not sure how old your kids are - but if you have a 12 year old that's too cool for a 4th b-day party -that would do the trick... Cousins?

Also - I just wanted to tell you that Chloe piddles from excitment when she sees little children (and women with high pitched voices): she's getting better - but it's not something she can control; it's an age thing. So, if Nina (what a cute name too!) is going to be meeting the children, make sure you keep a dark towel handy (to mask it).... And at 14 weeks they do jump (and "box") - kiddies are their perfect playmates: so maybe hold her and let the kids pet her - so she doesn't knock them down.

After having her with you for a week - you'll know better what she's like - and you'll be able to predict things :) it will all come to you...

Where is Nina flying in from? Also - are you picking her up from Pearson airport, if so let me know: we picked up Chloe from there...


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bday party

I guess to a degree i feel very sad that our soon to be new addition cannot be with us during the party.
I will take all of your advice and have Nina greet everyone...i will hve her on a she doesnt bombard them with juming or too many kissesLOL
My side of the family loves dogs...its the hubbies side that is the problem...they have never been raised around dogs and therefor have a huge fear.
Our neighbour's daughter who is 5 is also petriffed of dogs.
Once she greets everyone....i will get my brother ...who always seems bored with the kids parties to stay with the kitchen...i will not crate her...but she will be closed off with a baby gate in the kitchen...perfect solution!!!
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