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Gillian D

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So my Cooper is not a barker really.. only when people come onto "his" property.. so he never barked when he wanted outside to piddle.. so we trained him to ring a teachers bell... it works perfectly.. it sits next to the door to outback and he rings it when he wants to go out! only drawback is if we are getting ready for work all we hear from Mr. Smartypants is "ding..dingdingding... ding..ding"!!! He always knows we are leaving and that means he's on his own ;(
So I was just wondering what tricks your babies do to ask to go out!

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Rofl, if Lacie thinks we are going bye-bye then she will go to the door and whine like she needs to go to the bathroom and then we cant get her to come into the house. Cindy
Ding ding ding ding ding...LOL...that is sooo funny! My boyfriend just cracked up! Ha. I asked him, "what does Pharaoh do"..and he said (in a smart a** way)..."whine like a little girl". Actually, Pharaoh starts "Talking" to us, and grabs his leash and holds the Flexi handle in his mouth.
Mine wear a path from the back patio door to the living room where everyone usually is at any given time. I think I'll be replacing the carpets soon!!!

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Well my Zoe has two ways. If you are paying attention to her she will give you a look and then speak. If you are ignoring her she goes to the door and pushes the blinds. I think Pancho has learned about the blinds also. Pancho also places his head on your lap and looks at you intently.


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LOL... Tina leans against the front door as if she is not gonna let us out when she sees us leaving. She pretends she doesn't hear us when we say her to let us out. When at last we open the door she shows with all her body and face how much she's hurt, we call her to give a good-bye pet, but she wouldn't even look at us. At these moments I feel I'm gonna burst into tears, so sad Tina looks...

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Ttakas and Bronte have this routine down pat - when they see me leaving for work in the morning they can be found sitting in their crates waiting for their 'reward' cookie before I leave!! I think this is a throw-back from the days when they were crated when we went out and has just continued - even tho it has been over a year since they were crated when left alone in the house!! Repeat performance at night when we are going to bed - they go outside to do their 'piddles' and then rush in downstairs to their crates for their night time 'crunchie' !! Creatures of habit, wot?

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Gillian, Cooper sounds like a trip! Mr. Smartypants - LOL! Jake isn't a barker, either. Like Cooper, he only barks at intruders (human and animal). Of course, as soon as they get into the house he's all wiggles and slurps. Believe it or not, he has never asked to go out because he needs to go poddy. I guess he can hold it for a while. When he sees a squirrel or something, though, he will whine until I let him out. Anytime he wants to go into a different room and he needs a door open he'll just stand and look at the door with intense concentration as if he's going to telekinetically open it or something. He does the same thing when he's hungry. He'll just stand in front of his bowl and stare at it. Sometimes I'll find him and have no idea how long he's been there. LOL!!! What silly dogs!

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We also have Clyde and Cricket trained to ring a little bell that hangs by the door. Started it as soon as we got them and it does work great! You can tell the intensity of the request to go out based on how the bell is rung. Hubby and I are always joking, "Better hurry, that's a poop ring!"
I've noticed that they use the bell if they are out of water, too! (Their water dish is by the door.) Smart kids!


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Billy just gives one woof if he wants to go out to the loo. He just learnt to do this himself. I wish our 6mth rottie would learn to do the same. If we don't see him standing near the door, he just wees on the carpet!! Happily this is happening less though. any helpful suggestion will be greatly recieved.

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