Just Wanted To Give My List Of Thanks To This Board And Everyone On It(Long)

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I know Thanksgiving is way past, and Christmas is coming, but I just wanted to share with all of you what this board has done for me in the past couple of months. I joined the board somewhere around the first of October, and I can't believe the knowledge and experiences that have happened since. I came across the board by accident one day as I was searching the net for information on Boxers and seizures. I believe it was a God Send that I came across this place. Since joining you have all helped me to understand and deal with Buddy's onset of seizures and how to try and keep them under control. You have all helped me in dealing with Buddy's weight loss, with some excellent nutritional advice. If it weren't for this board I would never had known about Boxer Rescue, and I never would have located and gotten Kailee from the Canadian Boxer Rescue. I was astonished at the support you gave me. It made me feel like I had a team behind me cheering me on. You have advised me on some personal issues and in essence you have all been there when I needed someone or needed to vent. This board gives me a place to go when I need some time to myself. I have gotten a lot of laughs from here, which helps when it has been a trying day. Last but not least I would like to say thanks for the wonderful friendships I have made on this board. Although none of us have ever met personally I talk about you at dinner like you were all a neighbour living down the street. I just thought I would like to share with you all what this wonderful board has done for me in a few short months. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
Talk to you tomorrow


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What a wonderful post! I feel exactly the same way. I cant believe the support this board offers for us. I have laughed, worried, cried, with many of the people on this board. I think we have all been very lucky to find such a great group of boxer lovers and friends.

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Jean --

I, too, feel the same. I think of many of you as my Boxer "family". Even though my husband only views the board occasionally (over my shoulder), he knows many of you by name. I'll say, Linda posted about this... or Dan recommends that... Anyway, thanks for posting this. It sure got my day off to a great start!! :D


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Jean, what a warm,wonderful post. I also feel like this too! I tell my friends about my friends at boxerworld. One looks at me like I have two heads but the other (a dog lover) even asks me questions now and then. This site is such a source of happiness. Thanks!


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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by buddy'smom:
... I talk about you at dinner like you were all a neighbour living down the street. I just thought I would like to share with you all what this wonderful board has done for me in a few short months. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
Talk to you tomorrow


Couldn't agree with you more. I had to laugh at the above. I'm forever referring to "my friends on the Boxer Board" while at the park talking to other owners and I've also told every Boxer owner I know about the board. It is such a wonderful place. I KNOW I would not be as happy, nor would my Maggie, were it not for this forum. I too thank you all!!

Happy Holidays!

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How very well said!!
I couldn't agree more. :)

My husband is always teasing me about "the people on the boxer board," and that I don't have a life. :p

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I agree wholeheartedly! I just visited my mom and dad this past weekend, and my mom and I took several long walks and talked about everything under the sun. I shared stories, told her what a wonderful support system it was when I had Gilroy's foot biopsied, and how we share each other's trials and tribulations.....
Silly as it seems, it has enriched my life, too!! :D Thanks Jean for saying it so well.


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Yes, ditto here. I remember when we were dealing with the Klee situation and everyone was so kind and supportive, I don't know what I would have done were it not for you guys then. Thanks so much!

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I adgree!!! I think that we all need this board. Weather it is a shoulder to cry on, a supportive pat in the back, or just a "hey, you are not crazy, I do that too!" We all have a wonderful kinship do to this GREAT breed of dog, the Boxer.

I would like to make a toast;

To Boxer lovers near and far....May the rest of our days be filled with boxer wiggles and long lasting friendships.

Thank you Olly, Sharon, Jan and All the other wonderful people that keep us all together!!

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