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I don't post much here anymore but we're still alive! Just thought I'd share a photo from yesterday of me and my pups.

24865602070_1fb9dd6fd2_o by cinSun9, on Flickr

Juno is doing well and will be SEVEN next month. eekicon Only issue at the moment is she injured her shoulder by being a crazy boxer, she's been going to physical therapy for 4 months now and has JUST been graduated to being able to trot on leash. It's been hard keeping a boxer from running and playing for this long! She continues improving though and we're hoping she's cleared for off leash activity by spring - in time for her birthday!

Ok, one more of my gray lady.
IMG_8423 by cinSun9, on Flickr


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Thanks for posting the pictures. Juno looks like a grand old lady. I was sorry to hear that she hurt her shoulder. Hopefully she will fully recover. :)


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Two beautiful pics. Juno is just beautiful and I wish her a complete recovery from her shoulder injury Get well soon beautiful lady.


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Poor Juno. That is a long time to be put on the sidelines. I hpe the rest of her recover passes quickly and she can run and play to her heart content.


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You and Juno have our sympathy. Good job on taking her to therapy for so long.
Our Lily is 4 and can't run off leash any more. She has cruciate ligament problems in her back leg. (the one that didn't get the TPLO surgery.) And the leg that did get the knee surgery causes her pain if she uses it too much.
I do let her off leash sometimes. Just not in open spaces where the temptation to run is overpowering.


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Thanks for the comments!

Juno is now allowed to do sprints on leash, and in a couple weeks will be able to spend 10 minutes daily running free off leash (but no fetch or actual playing yet) - it is slow progress, but progress all the same! Good news is, the rehab vet says they don't usually see a recurrence of this type of injury, so hopefully once she's all healed we won't ever have to worry about this again!