Just ONE more day

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Just one more day and we get our baby Nina.
She will be 2 days shy of 13 weeks...We are so excited.
The kids made a poster for her ..so when she gets off the plane she can read it and see...WE LOVE YOU NINA.....ofcourse they think SHE can read..its kinda funny.
I realize it will be a LOT of work initially getting her to settle in....but so well worth it.
What a beautiful xmas this will be.
Why is it when you want the time to pass quickly it never happens....TOMORROW will last an eternity.
I am still unable to post any pictures ....i wish i could share with you all to see how beautiful she is...her eyes are so expressive....WE already love her to pieces

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Why is it that time stands still when we are eagerly looking forward to an exciting event, and then flies by afterward.

They grow up so quickly once they arrive.

What better time of the year, Thanksgiving and Chistmas. She'll be able to share some of your turkey and goodies, puppy sized of course.

Be sure to post with all the details of her arrival.



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I will post all the details of her arrival.We are bringing the video camera to get it on tape....and we will also take TONS of pictures.
They do grow up WAy too fast ...at almost 13 weeks Nina sure doesn't look like a baby anymore!LOL


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12 hours and counting.......

Just 12 hours till our we get our baby....I probably will not sleep at all tonight...I am so excited.
I have a diaper bag packed with dogie goodies...bottled water...paper towels...empty bags...collar...leash...and ofcourse all 5 of us awaiting her arrival with open arms full of LOVE.
I am hoping to be home by lunchtime so we can give Nina lunch and i am sure the journey will exhaust her....her crate is ready with comfy blankets.
Beaming with happiness!!!


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How exciting!!!!! Oh I can't wait to hear all about it!!
PLEASE keep us posted!!! If you get a chance to sit and throw an update our way we'd love it!!! Don't forget the pictures!!!!!!


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I can't wait for pictures!!! How exciting... LoL... Even I feel the thrill LoL. I feel like it was me getting a new doggie not you!


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I already have some pictures to share....but have not be able to post any...say's my login is invalid


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a delay

Well it looks like she will not be coming tomorrow after all
She was spayed this monday and we thought she would be ok...but the breeder just told me the site is a bit swollen...so to be on the safe side she is hanging on to her for a few more days....my kids will be heartbroken when i tell them in the morning


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Oh! bummer! That's hard.....

I'm sure Nina is missing you guys already and wants to come home :D . We used to send silly post cards to Chloe - of parks and downtown and stuff; so she would know where she was going...

Just take deep breaths; good things are all worth waiting for lovicon. It's better to be on the safe side. Besides, it's suppose to rain all day tomorrow - so at least Nina's first few days in your home won't have to be rainy ones. Rain would make a bad impression on the puppy, wouldn't it? It certainly would make the puppy potty training transition a little unpleasant...

lovicon lovicon lovicon lovicon
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