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AZ Boxer Boys

Boxer Insane
We just joined and are excited about being part of Boxerworld. We have two adorable boxer boys. Justin who is just over one year old and Marley who is about 4 months old. They are just delightful and we enjoy them so much, tho' they tend to wear us out with their constant wrestling and tearing around the house. But they're having fun! We'll post pictures in the near future (as soon as I figure everything out).


Boxer Pal
Hey there - glad you found us. You sound like you have a very full life with your boxer boys :) I look forward to seeing pictures...



Boxer Insane

Hi and welcome to Boxerworld....look forward to seeing the photos of your boys..... :D

Pam and Ginty


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welcome its so good to see this community expanding everyday! thank you for being part of it and we're ofcourse looking forward to any of your stories and pictures.



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Welcome to BW,

Lots of fun and great people here.


AZ Boxer Boys

Boxer Insane
We live in Tempe. Be sure to let us know next time there's a "Boxer Bash" - - could you explain what it is too - sounds like fun. Which part of the state are you from?
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