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Hello everyone! My name is Bill and I am the proud owner of Sophie, a 12 week old flashy fawn female. I live in MA and just had Sophie's ears cropped by Dr. Truesdale. From what I understand he is quite the Boxer expert and I am very excited that he is our vet. I have a few questions about the crop: since we have brought her home (1 day) she has been constantly trying to scratch her ears. how long before she starts to ignore the ears and they don't bother her quite as much? also, he told me that twice a day I need to wash the ears with warm water and hydrogen peroxide to prevent scabs from forming on the cuts. Am I supposed to dab the cuts with water and hydrogen peroxide or should I be scrubbing with some pressure? She is in quite a bit of discomfort when I do this, but I want them to look perfect when done! thanks for the advice in advance


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HI and welcome to BW. I don't have any answers for you. When Princess ears were done she wore a cone and we had no problems with the scratching.
Hope someone else has the answers you need. If not you can always call back and be sure what they wanted you to do.



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I wouldn't "scrub" - dabbing seems to be a better idea....then again, we don't do anything to the cut edges and we don't mind scabs. (Of course, our brood bitch does her own version of washing the ears....;) ) I wouldn't do anything that causes her a lot of discomfort, though. Very warm water on a washcloth, held on the edge of the ear for 15 seconds or so before you wipe it, will loosen up whatever may have coagulated on the edge of the ear, and then I guess dab peroxide along the edge after that.

They itch until the ears are healed, about the same time the stitches come out - 7-10 days. It's generally not as severe after the first couple of days (although it gets worse again near the end). We have used neopredef powder to ease the itching, but I'm not sure if that would help prevent scabbing or make it worse....


Don't scrub the ear edges, that will irritate them and possibly cause more scarring. I use a cream called Silvadene on edges- it was originally developed for burn patients, but it was discovered that it's an excellent wound cream. I put the cream on twice a day when the crop is fresh, and it will keep scabs soft enough to clean off any excess that gets in and past the stitches. Leave scabs on the wound itself, unless they look loose. Just pick and recream until the edges are healed. Use the cream a little while longer after stitches are out to heal the stitch holes. If the ears get gunky, use the peroxide to clean the ears, but not as a wound cleaner as it's irritating to wounds.


I thought I'd join in on this conversation. When Molly was cropped, I was told by the vet to lightly dab the ear margins with warm water to loosen the scabs. I was also given a prescription ointment to put on the margins afterwards. I followed the procedure twice a day for roughly 1 1/2 weeks until the margins were completely healed. Molly has no excessive scarring.

I am sure every dog is different when it comes to scratching the sutures. Molly constantly scratched them and had to have several stitches re-done. The advice that Julie and Jeanne gave you is great advice.

Good luck with the cropping and keep us posted (no pun intended lol).
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