Juno's new brother :)


Boxer Insane
I got a new pup earlier in the week, he is an Australian Cattle Dog although I suppose he can be an "honorary boxer" grinicon He's 8 weeks old, absolute perfection, and he and Juno are doing awesome together!

His name is Sawyer!

IMG_1512 by cinSun9, on Flickr

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Taking a stroll with the best role model :)
20150702_132655 by cinSun9, on Flickr

Bath time!
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Ms. Juno
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Aaaaand a video of them playing

Holden's Mom

Boxer Insane
Sawyer is as cute as can be. Both he and Juno have such beautiful symmetrical markings. I'm sure they will be great friends.

Congratulations on the new addition.

Pam and Doug


Completely Boxer Crazy
Sawyer is awesome! Love his name and love the breed! He is a cutie and Juno looks like she's having a blast. Congrats! fiestaicon


Boxer Insane
Sawyer is so cute. Love little puppies. I believe this breed is quite active so him and Juno should have lots of fun together.


Boxer Insane
Congratulations on your new pup. Looks like they are a perfect match. Sawyer is a cutie. I am sure Juno loves her little brother.


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Thanks! He is a lot spunkier than I remember Juno being so his cuteness is a necessity in order for me to forgive him. grinicon