Juno the disc dog


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I don't get around to posting much these days but wanted to share a bit of Juno - we've been really getting into disc training the last few weeks and she adores it :)




She wanted to try on my new glasses ;)

Getting grayer; still beautiful

She got a pretty new collar

And just a video of her catching the disc

Just for kicks, here's my Dobe playing as well (it starts off sayig the image is unavailable - that's a lie lol)



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Great pictures. Juno looks like she is really having fun.

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I couldn't view all of the photos or the video, but I saw a couple and absolutely love the photos of Juno with glasses. She looks like a perfect librarian.

Such a pretty girl.

Pam and Doug


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I really must read more carefully ..... I opened the post expecting to see Juno the "Disco" dog in a sparkly tutu doing some crazy dance moves :)

However, what I got was NOT a disappointment ! Great photos ! Juno looks wonderful ... and it was so nice to " meet" her after reading your posts.


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She is a beauty! Loved all of the pics so much! My girl is getting grey too, but she is still the baby!

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Great shots! Thora LOVES the frisbee... a little too much in fact because she never gives it back! DH has to hide it in his cargo pockets when we're going home or she'll just jump at him reaching for it the entire time we're walking back to the car. She managed to cut up her mouth on the plastic ones (from chewing them) so we use the nylon ones now and so far so good.


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She looks like she is having so much fun! I, too, loved the photo with the glasses. She looks happy to be wearing them.


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Thanks for the comments! Her wearing the glasses cracks me up, I guess that's why I bought the extra warranty on them, I'm the type to do something dumb like make my dogs wear them. :p

She managed to cut up her mouth on the plastic ones (from chewing them) so we use the nylon ones now and so far so good.
Ack we had that problem too! We had to upgrade to like, the competition-style rubbery ones to prevent that lol but the nice trade off is that my guys have an easier time catching these ones, anyway. Although they never seemed to mind getting bloodied up!


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Juno is SO adorable with the grey around her eyes! And the glasses cracked me up. Love her!!