Jumping on kids at the dog park-deaf

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I too am in the same situation that Jake is deaf and I cannot call him from far away (impossible) he is a good dog but he does get excited and will on occasion jump. The park I go to the rules at the door boldly say no children under 16 without parent and absolutely no children under 9 years. With the amount of dogs running around I think this is the way it should be. I should have to worry about my dog just being a dog because someone brings their young child in there.....sorry just my feelings on the issue...


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having two deaf dogs...............we would have the same situation at the dog park.
thankfully our dog park doesn't allow children under 12. and at that age you can explain to them that they shouldn't run or antagonize the dogs at the park.
you could try a vibrating collar. that may work.
dog parks are great for people with deaf dogs. they give us a safe place to run our dogs without having to worry about them getting away from us.


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Goodgirl, I know the dog park you are speaking of, my BF and I met you there a few times back in the summer. That dog park causes problems for us with the children running free too. Oscar loves kids but he hasn't been around them enough to know that they do not need to be jumped on just like adults don't. I think it's a parent’s responsibility to keep a close eye on their children and understand that even though the dogs at this particular park are very nice and safe dogs, it still does not mean they can run free and make it their park. I have had to talk with a few dog owners before either about their dogs behavior at the park or more often than not their kids behavior, it usually doesn’t go over well with either case but they at least keep their kids away from my boys. Good luck, see you again in the summer.


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Geez, Felix is soooo cute. I feel sorry for him, poor little guy just wants to play. I live in Canada, have 3 skin kids (good with dogs). If I was closer to you I'd hookup just cause I know my kids would love to play with him. When I'm at the park with my kids they are told to respect other peoples pets and not approach them unless they can do it with respect for the dog and owner. A dog park is just that, a dog park! Of course it's your job to supervise your dog but at the same time it's every parents job to watch their children. What I love most about the boxer is their love for children! Give Felix a big hug and kiss from me and the kids... oh, and the flirt Nikita.

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Felix now has a vibrating collar. Still working on training him to respond to it, but hoping it will work!
Haven't seen any kids at the park lately, I guess it is too cold, haha- Adamsbunch, see you in the summer, but we are still out there once or twice a week for a few minutes :)
At least he still gets to see kids at the petstore, where it is a lot easier to keep him off them- in fact he hardly even tries to jump on them on leash.
Thanks elindave, I wish you were closer so he could get some positive kid time :)
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How's it going with the collar? I have searched the web for one for Buttons, but they don't seem to be readily available over here.

If anyone finds a UK stockist, can they let me know please?

Thanks :)


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I haven't been training as often as I should, so we are still working on looking at me when it goes off.
I got mine off ebay. Just search vibrating collar, and you will find some. Mine was about $40 including shipping... I probably am not allowed to name the seller, but you should be able to find it that way the collars come in purple, blue, red and yellow. You could ask if they will ship to Scotland :/
I'm at work and I don't want to access ebay from here, but i'll check when I get home too to see if it mentions shipping overseas.
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This is one of my biggest pet peeves at the dog park. Finlay at 10mons thinks anything that moves fast is something to play with. I think its ridiculous for a parent to bring their young child into a dog park especially since most dogs will outwiegh most small children. About 3 weeks ago my dog and 2 others were playing and ended up knocking over a 10yr old, the mother made a huge deal about it and even grabbed one of the dogs (not hers) and shoved him away, the kid was not hurt and had a smile on his face. THis lady began berating the other dog owners about not having control of their dogs. At that point I couldnt keep my mouth shut. I not so micely informed the lady that this park is for dogs and having a small child among dogs that are there to play may not be the safest thing. I told her to take her son into the small dog area to avoid the larger more active dogs, and she had the nerve to tell me to do the same to my dog. Well of course I didnt like that and after a few more choice words the lady decided it would be best if she left with her kid and dog. After she left the other owners informed me that she brings her kid often and always has choice comments on how other dogs are acting around her and the kid..... For that day i was the hero of the dog park LOL

looks like you have a good plan If there is a small dog area at your park I would suggest you mention to the parents of small children they stay in that area.

One more thing it can be dangerous to keep a dog on a leash at an off leash dog park. Leashes prevent the Flight option so if a leashed dog feels uncomfortable they essentially cannot escape their nusiance(sp?). Plus some dogs can be leash reactive too.
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