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I am wondering if anybody out there jogs with their boxer? I ran my old boxer for years......he did great!

We have a new girl (8 months) and she has a MUCH shorter nose. It makes me uneasy - I worry about hear breathing but am not sure if I am just being a "worry wort". We don't go very fast- maybe 5 miles/hr. I keep a close eye on her to see how tired she is and on her breathing. I am also careful about not giving her water /food before or after jogging......


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I run with my boys, but they are much older than your baby girl.

How far do you run with her? At 8 months, her body is still developing and running is a huge strain on her joints and believe it or not, can cause long-term injuries. Five miles/hour is still a pretty good pace (for me it is anyway :p ) - maybe two short walks every day would be a better solution.

I live in Alabama, and I run with my boys early in the morning before the heat really kicks in. I would say early morning or late at night during the warm weather is the best time to go because you're right - because of the short nose, boxers are very sensitive to weather extremes.

If you do a "search" on running using the little blue search button in the top right-hand corner, you'll find a ton of previous threads on this topic with lots of very useful advice.

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be careful w/ baby running

be careful with baby only 8 months old her bones are still soft...especially the hip might want to look more into the exercise recommended for her age. just an fyi.


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From everything I have read you shouldn't run with a boxer pup until they are at least 16 months old. It can cause permanent damage to developing joints and bones. As far as how well they do after 16 months I am not sure as my boy is only 11 months and i havent started him running with me yet.


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Definitely give those young bones several more months to mature before taking her for jogs - she's the equivalent to a human toddler and is better off playing lots of long-range fetch games on a nice grassy surface. That way, she can run at her own pace, stop when tired and still build up her stamina.

Our Buster is almost 2 now and my husband has been jogging with him for the past few months. It took several weeks to build up his endurance, but now he can lope along for a few miles with no visible effort. You do need to watch the weather - avoid running on hot/humid days. Keep an eye on her breathing, make sure her gums are always nice and pink (pale can indicate heatstroke), and make sure she's always lifting her legs strongly and doesn't appear to be struggling to keep up.

Take it slow and in time you'll have a wonderful jogging partner.



Thank you for the good advice! I love how things take twist! I thought at 8 months she finally was old enough to jog- the LAST thing I want to do is injure her!! I am just so eager to have a jogging partner after my other boxer passed last month (he was not able to jog with me for about a year!! I miss it!!) I will see what else I can read on the wide world of the web about jogging with younger boxers!! Thank you!!
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