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Well, I hate to say it, but I'm back in job search mode, against my will. I've been wanting to post something since Wed morning when my boss came down and told me, but I've been an emotional wreck since then, and it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I realized that this may not be where I'm supposed to be.

My position was up for conversion to civil service status, and I was unlucky enough to not be eligible to apply for the vacancy. My boss came down and said, "Just wanted to let you know I got a referral, you're extended through when? 28 Feb? Okay, we'll work on overlap when the new person arrives."

Mind you, he didn't apologize, didn't offer a letter of recommendation, etc.

Other than a "You here to see me?" when I was in the Command Suite waiting for someone else (see below), my boss has not said a word to me since Wed morning.

I talked with one of our deputy commanders yesterday afternoon about my predicament, not because I expect something to be handed to me, but that I expected to at least be able to compete with everyone else for the position. I mentioned a few other instances that heighten my cause for concern, and that I don't feel that I can trust my boss now. After the meeting, at least I have a feeling that someone cares about what is going on in the organization. He said that he would do some fact finding for me, and get me an answer. In the meantime, I'll be looking for gainful employment elsewhere.



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Scott, I'm so sorry about your job. I wish I could offer you some pearls of wisdom about job hunting in these tough times, but instead I'll just have to keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

Here's hoping another door will open up for you with a job that's much better (and a better boss, too!).

I'm sorry to hear about your job. I would look for a similar position in a civilian hospital. ( You're probably saying "Duh" about now) There are alot less politics and performance is rewarded faster in the civilian world. I am considering changing jobs myself, but I've been here for 10 years and I am not ready to burn that bridge until I feel more comfortable about my other options. Good luck on your search.


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Scott I am so sorry. There is nothing like having your job pulled out from under you, and then entering the land of the unknown. We have been in a similar situation here, my husband lost his job of 17 years without any real warning, and like you we wondered what the heck we were going to do.
Long story short, which you know, we made a move, he got a good job, one that he actually enjoys, and we are doing okay.

I don't know how your boss relationship has been thus far, but maybe just maybe he is feeling uncomfortable with what he had to say and do to you, and is choosing the "professional avoidance" tactic. Don't take it too personal, but I personally wouldn't hesitate to confront him and seek the answers to my questions. I would imagine it is totally out of his hands, he is just the person who had to deliver the message.

Please know I will be thinking of you, and wishing you only the best.


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Sorry about this shock to your senses! We've been through this several times because my hubby has the type of position that he serves at the pleasure of the CEO and when companies merge or get bought, oftentimes the CEO is out. It's always difficult and very stressful. You're in my thoughts and I hope good things happen for you real soon.
Scott -

I don't have anything to offer in the way of advice (though Donald's post makes alot of sense), but wanted to say I'm sorry. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that, having known you for a few years now, you'll land on your feet. You always do.

And if worse comes to worse, there may be a career in Rodeo Cowboy Food Service. :LOL:

I'll be thinking about you and hoping for the best for you. Let me know if I can do anything for you.


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Is there any type of union or labor relations board? I know there are places who help Federal employees but does that apply to your position? What about the Personnel Dept? Do they take any deductions from your paycheck for union dues? Being a former Federal employee myself - I saw so many jobs that were "created" for some friend (or drinking buddy!!), it's hard not to get bitter. I suppose to add insult to injury they expect you to train the new "candidate?"

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