It has been a long time - now I have a new boxer puppy


Completely Boxer Crazy
I always loved BW and before I got my first boxer puppy I was constantly on this website reading, reading and trying to absorb lots of information. Plus I bought books that were suggested and tried to read up on the boxer breed. My husband and I were determined to be the best boxer parents ever. We loved our Lacy girl so much. We lost her and I can't go into that because it is still raw and painful. But we did recently get another boxer puppy her name is Autumn and she is so exuberant and loves to leap. She is a happy girl. I'm glad to be back on BW I feel like I'm with people who really love and cherish their boxer babies. Hello to everyone! 😊

joeys mom

Boxer Insane
Welcome back .... I hope more and more people will start coming back! Congrats on your new girl. We need to see some pics - we can all use some cuteness <3


Boxer Insane
Hello and congratulations on your new addition. Looking forward to Autumn stories.

Looking forward to be on here more in the future.

I sure hope 2021 I will have a new pup. My search has not been easy....