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I am starting to think that I might have to send my male boxer that I rescued from miami to the rescue. He seems to have constant diarrhea. He is unable to hold his bowel movements and I have tried many things. Changed his food many times. His diet. Took him to the vet.. We even had a scare thinking the had a rare intestinal tumors. My vet and other vets just dont seem to know what to do for him. Its a constant fight to keep him nourished and hydrated. Im winning the battle for now it seems but Im afraid that perhaps someone else more experience might be better for him. Hes a great dog and I love him dearly.. Hes lovable and playful. Hes learning well.. I really dont want to give him up but What I want may not be the best for him. Im finding it very shameful to even post this! I have a female boxer and She has not shown signs of any disease so it doesnt seem to be contagious. They're all current on there shots and I take great care of them. Since my male was so undernourished when I rescued him from miami I have given all my time and effort to get his weight up and get him healthy. I have spent hours and thousands of dollars on him. I just dont know what else to do. I feel like Ive failed and Im sure some will view this as such. Trust me this is soooo difficult... I guess I just need to know that perhaps we cant always be the best at everything. Ideas are gladly taken or perhaps someone more experienced here would be able to take him? I would love to be able to continue contact with him! He is for a short time in my home but forever in my heart...


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Have you spoken with the rescue you got him from? Maybe they can provide some background on him, or they have experience in dealing with this?


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If he was very malnourished when you got him, it is quite possible that his digestive system has been damaged. If that's the case, it's unlikely that someone with more 'experience' is really the answer, although deeper pockets may be.

You've changed his food many times - does that include trying him on a natural (raw) diet? If not, I'd really be inclined to give that one a go before giving up on him, natural diets are much easier on a dog's digestive system and help to promote/support the immune system as well. Seeing a holistic vet is a good idea as well, if you haven't yet been that route.


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I have to second gmacleod's suggestion - that you give a raw diet a try. I know how frustrating it must be for you - I had the same problem with my Thumper. The Hill's i/d helped, but she still had loose stools and intermittent bouts of diarrhea. I recently started barfing all three of my dogs and am so glad I did - all stools have been hard and easier to clean up. Not only that, but my picky eaters just love it! Do keep us posted - Cathy

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When I was looking for my boxer, I ran into several at rescues who had been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrom). They were all on special diets (and maybe medication) and were stable. Is IBS a possibility? If so, it is treatable. Also, just a thought, changing food to frequently can also be bad for dogs.

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Zeke was VERY VERY sick right after we got him. We went to several vets spent Tons on trying to help him. I was very blessed that my brother-in-law didn't have a job and would come babysit him while I worked. He held him in a heating pad all day.

We bought some "Rebound" from the vet which is like pedialyte but beef flavored and forced it down him to keep him hydrated. He also had several IV's because he had such bad diahrea. He was on precriptions plud immodium A.D. I was very scared I was going to lose our little guy. Our vet was just as frusterated as us. We even took him to the PET ER in the middle of the night twice. After about a month he pulled out of it. He had lost over half of his body weight. He still seems small for his age. But, it definately took a month. He had someone constantly with him. Also, I would recommend the RAW diet. IT is easier for them to digest. Our vest said Chicken noodle soup or rice and boiled chicken would be soft on his tummy. We took giving him food real slow.

Now that he is better he has such a special relationship with my brother-in-law. I think he remembers him holding him and taking care of him while his mommy and daddy were at work.

They also did a parvo test on him because usually bad diahrea is a result of it. It came back negative so we were happy but it definately took some time to get him back on his feet. Even though we spent so much on his recovery he is so worth it.


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I didnt get him from a rescue. I purchased him from a young male who neglected him. I couldnt leave him there to die and felt even thou I wasnt an expert My home would be better...


I have slowly tried many foods. With weeks for him to adjust. I tried the science diet, Mixing dry and canned, raw veggies and meats, bone meal and other variations of the barf diet none seem to have worked. I tried yogurt which is suppose to help with digestion. We tried antibiotics, herbal remedies. I think perhaps your right on his digestive system. I feel so bad because he cant help his problem. Its not a matter of not being trained or anything like that he just can not help the fact he doesnt have good control. We all work and he seems to be able to hold it long enough on the weekends to enjoy family life then. I just think he needs someone home with him. Who can get to know him and work with his problem more than I can.

I just can bare the fact that my little boy has to stay in the yard. He wont crate... He hates a run and is now to the point that he will pull so hard he is starting to cause scabs on his neck. He jumps every barrier we put up. He wants to be with us and I want him to be with us too. I was hoping the local florida rescue could possibly help me place him with someone who maybe knew more. Hes a great dog and If I could do more I would. I just dont know what else to do for him.

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"I just can bare the fact that my little boy has to stay in the yard.
He wont crate... He hates a run and is now to the point that he will pull so hard he is starting to cause scabs on his neck. "

Ok so he is tied outside ? Am I reading that right, I don't want to put words in your post ?

I agree w/ the others sounds like IBS or Colitis. I have had 2 rescues w/ was only able to eat chicken & rice & the vet gave her vitamins.....the other..a special kibble.....I would suggest bringing him BACK inside & try some more diet's, RAW, etc........if you are not able to do that...then run...don't walk..... to your nearest rescue & hopfully they will be able to find something to get this boy all get straighted out

I also wanted to add...that it sould like he may have some SA....just reaching from what you said, about notr be able to crate or confine him ......stress also adds to his bowel problems, so he may have two things working against simple fix for either seems you really got a tough case .....good luck to both of you
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I feel so sorry for your poor boxer baby and for you. I did have a cat with IBD and the vet and I tried all kinds of special foods for Lewis. Had the best luck with a steroid shot every couple of months. Lewis went into congestive heart failure and again we changed foods, this time to Hills SD KD. I no longer felt it safe to give the shots, but as we continued on the KD, a low sodium, low protein food, the IBD improved. I even called and discussed this with the vet for her information. I'll never know if improvement came because of the food, but we needed to stop the dehydration because Lewis was on Lasix at the time and the change in diet really helped him. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but he really did improve

Shortly after Lewis was diagnosed with the IBD, I read a study from the UK on treating IBD and colitis in humans with nicotine patches and there was much improvement for those suffering. I asked the vet if studies were being done using the patches for cats. She did not laugh at me and did a search but found nothing. She said any patch with animals is tricky because they simply chew it off.

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