Is Cooper just being protective?

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I am really wondering about this...

Cooper is 15 months old and truly seems to love people and most other dogs. We socialize him with a yellow lab about 3 times a week plus we have a 16 year old beagle and a big golden next door. He plays very well(however very rough in typical boxer fashion)with the other dogs. My problem is the last time we went to the vet, a large black labX showed some fear aggression not purposfully toward Cooper but sort of, this really mad Cooper mad. That was the first time I was not sure how Coop would have reacted if the two dogs had not been leased. Now today, we went back to the same vets for his lyme booster and everything went fine. He gave hugs and kisses to all of the girls working there but then...when we came out of the exam room into the waiting room, there was a very large brindled bull mastiff. The dog made a movement toward Coop and of course we were coming out of the door way so it probably looked to the dog as if we were coming at him. The dog made some sort of sound and Cooper started some mild growling and an agressive sounding bark and tried to lunge toward the dog. The veterinarian tech. said she felt Cooper thought he had to protect the kids and I. It is funny because that is the same general feeling I got with the labX. Which incidentally, the techs felt was so nervous and unstable they asked them to wait outside. Is this Cooper'r over protectiveness showing up or do I need to worry about something else? He has never shown aggresion toward anything else.



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Hi Robyn, it is so hard to tell what they 'think' at times. This is just a wild guess but it could perhaps be the siutation. The different atmoshpere of the vets office, confined space, walking out and having another dog (stressed as you mentioned), practically in his face would all be effecting Cooper. If he is okay everwhere else I don't think you have a great deal to worry about.
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