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Hi All~~
I need to introduce myself....I have been lurking around here and in the *Old* chat room for quite awhile here goes the intro.....
I live in the Pacific Northwest portion of the USA in Washington state ...
I presently have four Boxers and actively compete with them in Agility....Two are *Champions* the other two were shown in conformation and didn't like it so I quit that ... I have done some Obedience with them .... and three of my kids are registered Therapy dogs... All four have their TT and CGCs..and I have dabbled a tiny bit in Schutzhund....and herding!!!
I do believe the Boxer is a breed that can do it all and love to chat with others about these great dogs....
I really enjoy this *Site*and all the interesting topics of discussion.....


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Welcome to BW! It sounds like you've got your hands full. I can't wait to see some pictures of your gang! :D

Az Boxr Lovr

Boxer Insane
Welcome to BW. It sounds like you and your crew are very busy. I'm looking foward to hearing some of your stories.


Boxer Insane
Welcome to Boxerworld Lynda! Wow, four boxers. Looking forward to stories about your four babies and pics too.:D

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Welcome to Boxerworld. SOunds like youre in excellent company where you are! Looking forward to seeing some pictures and hearing some stories.
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