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My husband and I are proud owners of a one year old fawn male. We found him when he was 5 months old - his owner had him tied to a tree using a mud hole for a water hole. Bailey went right to the vet and he was indeed underweight. Now he's spoiled rotten, weighs 72lbs, and is loved to death. He loves comfort - he just can't get close enought to the propane fireplace. We bought him an LLBean dog bed and I wouldn't be without it. He's been to obedience class (didn't do bad although he still doesn't listen well off leash when there's a distraction). We think he has an alergy but haven't figured out what it is yet. We love him dearly and can't wait to watch him open his present Christmas morning.

This is the best site ever!
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Welcome to the board. We love our boxers around here! Bailey sounds like a wonderful baby, and I'm looking foward to hearing more about him. :D

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Bailey sounds very lucky! What did you get him for Christmas? Can't wait to hear more about him - is he your first boxer?


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Welcome! We look forward to lots of fun Boxer stories about your Bailey! This is a great place for Boxer lovers and we're glad you've joined us.

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BAiley sounds as though he is in good hands; what good parents you are! My best friend adopted a Dachshund from rescue and he was under weight, abused, neglected, you name it and now he is the most spoiled dog! I love to hear happy-ending stories like yours.
Welcome to the board!


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Welcome to the board, nice to have more friends here!!

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Welcome to the board. You have come to the right spot to make new friends, talk about your Boxer, and ask your questions. I don't know how I ever raised Buddy for 6 plus years without this board. I can't wait to hear your stories about Bailey.


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Welcome, Bailey sounds like a lovely boxer. I'm looking forward to hearing more about him.

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After several months of "Honey, you have to check!" from my wife Lynn, I decided to do just that. Lynn had a lot more experience with dogs than I did so when Bailey came into our family, it took some getting used to, mostly from me. I wasn't used to the drooling, hair, and all the "cute" stuff that comes with owning a puppy. And a good thing I like woodworking: to fix chewed baseboards, table corners, electrical cords, etc.

But after nine months, I wouldn't give him up for the world. Bailey taught me to control my temper and that the more you work with your dog, the more you can enjoy each others company. We're not there just yet, but obedience school was well worth it. Taking Bailey for his evening outing and watching him race through the woods when I let him loose never cease to amaze me. And he is spoiled. His outside summer run features a two-tier deck, with half roof and lighting. And next summer, Lynn is letting me redo the yard so he can play all he wants! I'm happy we added Bailey to our family. Christmas is going to be fun!!! There Honey, I did it!
ROFL!!! I just love hearing both of the parents view points! If you guys enjoyed one round of obedience, take another one! Lacie went through 2 rounds and I think I enjoyed the second one most. She learned "bed" and several other commands that has made our lives so much better. Have you guys thought of using "bitter apple" on some of the furniture that he chews on?

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