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Welcome to Boxerworld :) This forum is for new community members to introduce themselves and their pets, to say hello, and to give existing members the opportunity to know and welcome them.

Introductions are mandatory for new members, and it must be the first post they make on the site. You must do so straight away after reading this message, as 'dormant' accounts get deleted.

It is not a formality - meaning that a single line "Hi" or "I just joined, just got a puppy" or "I'm posting here because I have to" or "they'll delete my account if I don't" are not accepted. Boxerworld is first and foremost a community - and the polite thing to do when you join a community is to introduce yourself ;)

The introductions forum is not a place for asking questions though. If you have health, behavioural, or training, etc questions to ask - post those separately to the appropriate forum. You will not get useful responses here - this forum is for introducing yourself only. All forums have topic descriptions, which you'll find here. Posting in the correct forum maximises your chances of your thread being seen and receiving useful responses.

For those trying to figure out how to post photos, or with other site related queries, please read the help section first. There are also tutorials, including for gallery usage, at

Lastly, if you only skim-read the rules on your way in, please take the time to read them carefully now. We do insist that you abide by them absolutely, and as written there, those who don't are liable to be unsubscribed (additional warnings are very rarely given).

So please take the time to familiarise yourself with the site. Introduce yourself, and start your participation in the largest and longest running dog community on the internet. Welcome to the forums, we hope you enjoy your stay.
Not open for further replies.