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Sabrina Jay

Boxer Insane
Several of you *old-timers* will already know me (that includes Olly & Matt - LOL)
For those of you who don't know who I am,
I live in Missouri. I currently have 1 flashy brindle male (Jasper) that is showing in conformation. I am starting to go back to obedience classes with the *others*. I will be starting agility classes soon also.
I am a member of the following boxer clubs:
HOABC (Heart of America - KS/MO)
PPBC (Pikes Peak Boxer Club) Associate Member
MVBC (Missouri Valley Boxer Club - NE)
I also help with our local boxer rescue.

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I haven't seen your intro until today, Sab. LOL
For those who live in Missouri, I recommend them to meet Sab and also Liz Phillips, they know a lot about boxers and are fun :) I had the pleasure to meet them last year and three years ago. But never add Sab to your ICQ list :rolleyes: LOL


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