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Hi everybody!

I will be travelling from Turkey to Toronto in mid August. My 9 and a half months old girl has a microchip already. And all of her vaccines are done. However I am a anxious mother and I was wondering if any of you could tell me what can I do to make sure her safety on the plane?

I am planning on travelling with either Turkish Airlines or Luftansa (both star alliance companies). I heard that American Airlines are not accepting snob nosed animals due to breathing problems.. (yes I am a newbie and worried). If any one knows about these airlines' treatment for animals please let me know..

Thank you all.


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I think the best thing you can do is to aclimatise your dog to his crate as well as you can - as he'll be spending a long time in it. He should not have any sort of sedative or other drugs before flying (as they may have unexpected effects at altitude, and also because they could mask symptoms in the case there was anything wrong with the dog). You might also consider getting him used to drinking from a bottle (like a rabbit bottle) that you could attach to his crate so he can drink during the flight, but without risk of tipping his water over.
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