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I'm looking at trying different foods (I feed Solid Gold Wolf King now) and I'm currently investigating Innova Evo. I got a sample package and the dogs seem to like it but I was reading the back of it and it contains:
42% protein and 22% fat (compared to Innova Senior which has 18% protien and 8% fat. Apples and oranges, I know but it's just for comparison sake).
My question is: 42% protein and 22% fat sound REALLY high. Really really high. Is there an advantage to so much protein? The Innova Website has more info about it. If anyone can give me their opinions on it I'd sure appreciate it!


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Can anyone comment on how this compares to other dry foods? I read the other threads and what I got was that raw is better. I am not a place right now where I can prepare raw food for three dogs. I feed California Natural and I was considering changing to Innova Evo. I mostly just go with food recommended through boxerworld and the WDJ because I don't know how to compare ingredients etc.


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Looks like it should be a pretty good food but will not take the substitute of meat in my opinion.

Ive talked to a few people who got some samples and they said their dogs seemed to like it.

I was waiting for it to come out for a while but ive heard it's going to be really expensive.


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Mandy1155 said:
I read the other threads and what I got was that raw is better.

Two other points were made in that thread ;) One was that a grain-free kibble is great - potentially especially if you have a dog with allergies or a sensitive stomach. The other was that there are concerns about a food that is so high (overloaded, in fact) with protein and fat.


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The ingredients look similar in many ways to the regular innova food. Actually the kcal is a little higher on the innova than it is on the evo if i remember correctly.
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