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Boxer Pal
Hi there! I am searching now for a good reputable breeder for the future. I will be getting a Boxer in about 2 years when I graduate from college, and I was wondering if any of you have any info on breeders in the Dakotas and MidCentral states. I am from South Dakota but I am open to traveling to Ohio, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and any other close states.
I am partial to brindles, probably a male. If anyone has any info on any good breeders in my area, I would owe ya big!!
I want to start looking now, to make sure I get exactly what I want.
I would also like info on what to look for, specifically for Boxer breeders.

If I wasn't supposed to post this here, or at all, I'm sorry, and go ahead and delete it.


Boxer Insane
Hi Tali, the American Boxer Club website may be a good place for you to start, they have a list of clubs here:

This page also lists breeders:

This page is a good starting point about how to select a good breeder:

Here is a bit about health tests on Boxers which should be done before breeding:

These sites are on responsible breeding so you know what kinds of questions to ask :)

Expect the breeder to ask you lots and lots of questions :) This is a good way to tell they really care about their puppies and Boxers. This was the right place to post this question. Good luck in your search for a puppy.


Boxer Pal
Hi Tali,
I also am from s.d. Great to see I am not alone!! I also think I am going to look for another buddy, for I lost Hoss this last week to cancer. If you find any local information Could you send it over my way also? I e-mailed you also, and if i come up with any I will do the same for you.
Thanks also to you Krikkit
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