Indy and the Movies!!

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I just wanted to share a brief story with you all. Friday night, I rented the movie, "My Dog Skip". It was filmed in in my area and although I didn't know him, Willie Morris was a neighbor of mine. Anyway, we have a big screen tv and sometimes, Indy will watch (if something catches his attention). Well, he got up in the recliner and literally watched this movie for about 45 minutes! It was amazing. Even when Skip wasn't barking or anything, Indy watched. I've never seen him pay that much attention to anything...he must have known the ending or something because he finally fell asleep before it was over! I thought it was cute.

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He sounds like my boy Dakota...he wtches TV when there are dogs on it. We put Animal Planet on and as long as he sees the dogs he loves it. He's really into it when there is a dog show or agility training on. They are so human like aren't they!!

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