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My name is Chris and I was hoping for some help and/or advice in shopping for a new Boxer puppy. I am looking to buy one in the next few months but I don't know really where to start to look for one. I from Michigan so the closer a breeder is to this state, the better. I am not looking to enter any dog shows. I just want a good family dog, companion, and protector.

Chris M. Soule


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Hi Chris,we got our Boxer from Capecod Kennels in Petrolia, Ontario,which is just outside Sarnia,the breeders name is Patsy Sayers , and I know that she does lots of business in Port Huron,She seems to be a very caring person who sometimes tries to place unwanted boxers with families.Her breeding stock is of champion quality, we are very pleaed with our Lucy.Hope this helps.

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Suggestions for finding quality boxer breeders:
1) Contact your local breed/kennel clubs
2) Go to a dog show in your area
3) Contact a boxer rescue group in your area. Many of them can refer you to quality breeders in your area.
4) Check out the link on Boxerworld, under Boxer Puppies. There you will find LOTS of information on Boxer Puppies, Questions to ask breeders, what reputable breeders will be furnishing, what to look for in breeders, etc.

Below are some Boxer Rescue links for you to contact for helping you possibly find a reputable breeder in your area.

Good luck!
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