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I have a 17 week old girl, Brandy. I'm trying to train her bite inhibition but it just doesn't work. One or two times she bit so hard that blood came out. I tried the "Ouch" technique but apparently it doesn't work on her. If I pull out my hand and say no, she jumps up and starts biting whatever part of my body she finds. If I'm sitting, she starts digging my arm. She is excellent at other stuff, fetch is working greatly for her and long walks are lovely except for the pulling part but its work in progress.

Also she barks at my mom and dad when they try to correct her or try to be strict with her. She only listens to me in the house and no one else plus the classic jumping problem, whenever guests arrive this girl goes crazy. She loves people but this is sometimes bad because at times when we are playing in the yard and some stranger passes by she starts wiggling and try to run off after the stranger. I don't want her to get kidnapped or something and nothing works when some other human being is around who is not a family member.

Any help would be appreciated <3

This is Brandy, looking all innocent lol


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Well the good news is you have a happy typical Boxer! The bad news? Your gonna have to make some changes to get her under control.

Go to the Leerburg site and read "Who Pets Your Puppy or Dog" . That's how I train all my dogs fearful,Aggressive or Submissive don't care same deal.our dog has none of tose problems but she still has a people issue "everybody is my friend!" Not what I did with Struddell did not know about it at the time and she too would have happily hopped in a car and driven off with a friendly stranger if given the chance!

But... she was taught to stay on the lawn, not to chase cats and strange dogs meant nothing to her! So even thought she loved... well everyone! :) She was not going to leave the yard, if I stepped in the house for a minuet!

But read the info and if you have questions I can explain why it could work for you and I'll also explain how you can keep creating more problem for your self by changing what your most likely doing?

Just a puppy but I would start leash training this way and I would use a Martingale collar when she gets a little bigger it won't hurt her neck or throat acts like a flat collar.

You need to start working her on Sit Stay and Down. If you can train those first you can demand a Sit before giving affection, that "might" stop the jumping?

A properly trained dog will obey commands from all members of his/her immediate pack, so yeah you got some work to do! :)

Don't know if she is on a leash at all but if you start working her like this you most likely will not have any issues with a leash.
Dog Pulling Leash... How To Stop - YouTube

Kimberly Poo

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Thank you very much!! ^_^

The video and the article really worked. And I think she has problems recognizing the Alpha because everyone in the family tried to correct her. Just yesterday one of my mom's friend tried to feed her thankfully I was there and I asked her not to do that. I normally don't allow anyone to pet her but my mom gets all proud of her pooch and likes to show off, will have to work on that too.

And we do leash her, we use a body belt for a walk and a normal collar inside the house. Whenever she is leashed inside she know that its time for a nap and on walks as I said all the pulling and we have a two dairies, she just sits outside the gate and watch the cows lol and even street dogs. Any animal she sees outside she sits on the place and watch the show. I have to pulls her to get her attention now I'll try the tasty treats to get her attention. ^_^


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Wow that's great! Don't know how much pulling is involved in getting her moving? But if shes fixating ( that's a guess) get better treats and call her name or come here much better in the long run! :)

Another thing I do that I wasn't really aware of till my GSD showed me. Was right before getting home from a walk, I release them in our driveway. And say "on the lawn" they will associate that with wherever it is you want them to be!

But you can't even start to think about taking a dog without a solid Sit Down and Stay and Recall off leash! My guys are also cat proof and don't do dog parks...other dogs are of no interest to them so a dog or cat going by will not get them to break training!
Get a 20 foot leash or so and you can try the "on the lawn" bit after you start to use that command. :)

I also don't live in a high traffic area. I tend to walk Rock late at night and I released him a couple houses from ours and said "on the lawn" and sure enough that's right where he went!

Don't go overboard with the "Who' pets" thing. It's geared mostly at teaching dogs that they don't "need" affection from "everybody" they see. Pack members are very different! :)

Oh read again, so she won't go off the porch after animals?? That's fantastic! But yes do encourage here to move, better treats if needed, no pulling. Tension on the leash "says" We have a situation here, is action required?! :)

Don't know the level of "corrections" others are giving but anything other than NO/Off or Leave it should be
your job. :)

If your doing the training feeding and exercise she "knows" your the leader so you can relax there. :)

What about the biting is that still happening?
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Oh and go and read the Dog park warning at Leerburgh. Don't know if DP's are part of your plan, my guys aren't chew toys for other people's dog! And you can easily undo all your hard work with a couple of bad encounters.

Dogs she knows that are safe and well trained are a different story. :) Course I did not do that either! :)

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Yes for the barking and yes for the chewing. I dunno how to stop that. I already have two leashes so we combine them and tie it up to the door so she is free to roam in the yard, I'm planning to get another one so she can get further.

Pulling is getting better, we are slow on the process but I can see the improvement. But the 'giving treat to gain attention' is not working on her. She refused to eat anything outside the gate. So its mostly talking while on walk.

I saw a technique for training the 'sit' command, hold a tread above the dog and push the back, I made a failed attempt. Guess it doesn't work on jumpers xD

We don't take her to dog parks, she is kinda not used to animals yet :P Just today we had some stray puppies lurking around our back gate and she just sat there watching the show, she even got scared of the puppies!!

And I feed her, when I'm not home my mum does the feeding but snacks and treats are totally my thing. Plus I add little something when I feel her, be it sausages or chicken stock, she absolutely loves it :D


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I saw a technique for training the 'sit' command, hold a tread above the dog and push the back, I made a failed attempt. Guess it doesn't work on jumpers xD

......snacks and treats are totally my thing.

Hi Kim,

Try not pushing down the rear, you want the dog to do it herself, if possible,so that she associates the action with the command better. What worked well when I trained my girl to sit, was this :

Hold the treat in front of her nose, between your thumb and finger, so that she can see it and smell it. Hold it close to her.
Then when she starts to reach for it, slowly lift the treat a little higher and over towards the top of her head, keeping the treat just in front of her nose all the time.
She will follow with her nose and as her nose lifts, her rear will automatically lower to the ground. Bingo !!

I don't use a clicker, but I give a "Yes" in a delighted tone of voice as soon as her rear makes contact, and then immediately follow with the reward of the treat

(If she is jumping for the treat, you are probably holding it far too far away from her.)

Once you have her sitting on command, then you should always make her sit nicely for any treat .... good manners expected at all times :) My dogs get nothing at all, treats, or toys,unless they are all sitting quietly and calmly.

Research the "Nothing in Life is Free " training philosophy. I think Gunther posted a link on this on another thread ... so he may chime in and repeat it for you.



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An important thing to remember is that training is done in distraction-free environments. You need to get good--make that great--reliability in low-key environments BEFORE you think about using the sit as a control behavior in distracting environments.

You can't use a behavior in a real-life situation before you've trained it to reliability in a practice scenario first. Then, when you do start to take behaviors "on the road" you need to do so in modified real-life environments. For example, first you teach the behavior in your living room, then when the dog is at least 80% reliable you start teaching the dog to generalize the behavior to other locations like the back yard, the front porch, in the garage, etc. When you've got 80% reliability everywhere, you start adding distractions like being around people, in sight of other dogs, etc. Even then you start far away from those distractions and gradually move closer when the dog has achieved 80% reliability at each distance.

So many people try and do their training in the hardest environment for the dog and the dog can't possibly succeed. It's like asking a 4th grader to learn to add fractions while they are in the middle of an amusement park. It's not going to happen. However, after that kid has already learned the math in the classroom and gotten the chance to practice adding fractions a bunch of times, you could expect them to add a couple of fractions relatively quickly even in a distraction place like an amusement park.

Even then, the dog (or fraction adding 4th grader) might not see any good reason to do the behavior for you if you haven't built up a huge history of "doing what I want gets you what you want" and "sometimes doing what I want doesn't always get you what you want but it does gets you something equally enjoyable and since I'm going to prevent you from doing what you want right now, your better off just doing what I want anyway." So if you aren't going to let the kid ride the roller coaster after he adds fractions, you better have a darn good consolation prize. And if you aren't going to let the dog greet the person if he walks calmly past them, you'd better have something equally good to reward them with.


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Try searching here.

If she ignores other animals by her nature that's great. And the dog park not a fan myself. Go to the leerburgh site and or google "Why Dog Parks are not a good idea".

Cesar Millan shows are all pretty much based on dog park and "I though he(my dog) was friendly folks".

His show this week is based on two Boxers that have attacked 15 dogs!!! You can bet they would never have gotten near mine! Anyway you start letting here wrong wild at the Dog Park she "could" get rolled or beat on and then you'll have new problems to fix. Oh and the Boxer show will be on this Friday Natgeo Cesar 911.

Still barking and still biting. OK she's different so you have to figure out what works for "her". Have you tried hot dogs just cut them up into small pieces. You want to "motivate" her off the porch.

Her attention needs to be focused on you! With my Struddell I never really noticed if she was or was'nt looking at me she listened and that's what I wanted so it was all good.

I had to work much harder with my GSD (the wanting to eat people thing) :) But after the end of the "Who pets my puppy or dog" work I had a dog that looked to me for directions!

Short story the other day I had release him and told "him on the lawn" off he went. My wife "freaked" when she saw a little dog coming from a few houses down running towards Rocky! Rocky, stopped turned around and looked at "me" to see what to do. I said "stay" took a couple of steps to get in front of him and the little dog returned home when he saw "me". That's the kind of attention your looking for.

So if you have to sit on the lawn and call her,whatever the leash length is that's fine. She has to want to come to you, when she does break out the hot dogs!

Oh and can you go for a walk taking her from the back yard? Maybe that will bypass the stopping?
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