I'm worried about leaving Kaya while on vacation

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Kaya is just the sweetest 2year old female boxer. During the day, my mom comes to my house to take care of my 4yr. old son and 2yr. old daughter, and Kaya. We will be leaving for vacation for 7 days and a friend with a Boston Terrier (no children) has offered to take care of Kaya. The only thing is, Kaya will be alone all day, without bathroom breaks!! We crate Kaya when we go out, not that I really think we have to but i feel she feels comfortable in there. We also crate her at night because she takes up too much room on my bed. Do you think I should have my friend crate her all day???? Do you think this will cause too much stress for Kaya?? Or should I just bring her to a kennel?

Thanks for any advice, and i hope this is the right section for such a post. Kat
Maybe they can use a baby gate to create a larger area for her, or confine her to a puppy-proof room? She still would not be able to go out and potty, but would have more room in which to move around. Just an idea...


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What about your mom? Could you take Kaya to her house as she obviously feels comfortable with her?


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My over night place does daycare as well so there out from 8:am until 7:pm...and by that time she's exhausted and sleeps through the night. Does your over night place do daycare as well? at least she would be out during the day :) best of luck


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Tae had mange this summer and I was supposed to board her when I went out of town. The vet told me a boarding facility would be more stressful than a neighbor caring for her. We went to the neighbor's twice before my trip for short periods of time and she ended up spending the evenings/nights there. Everything worked out fine. If Kaya is not accustomed to being boarded anywhere, the barking dogs could drive her nuts/stress her, per my vet.
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