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Carrie K

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Hello to everybody out there. This is a really neat site to have for the Boxer lover. A little about my puppy. I have a eight month old Brindle Boxer named Jasime...she is so lovable and always happy...a little too happy sometimes when people come over to visit. I have two children Alex 8 and Haylee 18 mo. Haylee and Jaz are always playing with each other and sometimes Jaz forget that she is bigger than Haylee and Knocks her over. Jasmine and Alex always plays rough I am constanly telling Alex they can't play like that, and now every time Jasmine sees him she istantly starts being naught, so I signed Alex up for 4-H dog classes so they both can learn. I have lots of questions about Boxers and I hope you all can help me.

Campbellsport, WI

Lava Linda

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Welcome to the board, Carrie! Sounds like there's never a dull moment at your house!

Jasmine's a pretty name, and I like the nickname, Jaz, even better!!! I'll bet she's a cutie.

Well, I hope you like the board as much as I do. It's a warm group of people with a lot of info to share.

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Carrie and Jasime, welcome! You've sure found the right place for questions and answers. There are terrific people here who are eager to share their experience and knowledge. It IS a great place for Boxer lovers.

Good to have you here.

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Welcome! Yes, this is a great place to get answers, alot of information here.

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Welcome, Jasmine sounds like a typical boxer puppy. I'm sure your will find obedience classes a great help in taming her exuberance. She sounds like a sweetheart.

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Julie Davis

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Welcome to the board. We have another member(Lisa) with a boxer named Jazmine..."Jazz" for short. We love our boxers around here, and you will be sure to get lots of good advice, and read great boxer stories.

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