Ideas for boxer bash?

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Boxer Insane
A few of us are in the midst of planning a "boxer bash" in our area.

Last year we put out the word that we would meet at the dog park on X day at X time and we ended up with 9 boxers to play together!

Sounds like this year we may have more people and boxers!! And some are coming from quite some distance.

Any ideas for activities or fun things to do?
It IS fun to watch the dogs play and just chat with other boxer owners, but I was thinking we should plan something else.

The dog park really isn't set up to do a BBQ or any kind of meal. There are picnic tables, but the dogs jump on them. :p

What does everyone think? Or am I trying too hard?


Boxer Booster
Linda, we have attended an Annual Boxer Picnic since 1997 in Vancouver and some of the 'events' they have had are: a dress-up race - owner and dog run to the other end and owner dresses the dog in a T-shirt; a fancy dress competition; burst the balloon race with owner and dog running up to a balloon to burst it; musical hoops - stop in a hula-hoop when the music stops; obstacle course; trick exhibition..... Unfortunately the grapevine says that there is no picnic this year - lack of volunteers, I believe. The usual story of the same people doing it year after year and finally burning out. Good luck with your 'boxer bash'.
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