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My father in law called us from Denver last week to tell us about his Rottie Angel. It seems that everytime Angel heard someone walking by the front of the house he would tear upstairs and look out the bedroom window. Well fearing he might go through it they put a baby gate over it. This one evening this girl was walking her dog in front of their house, and Angel as usual took off upstairs but forgot to stop at the gate, he ended up jumping out the second story window. Panicking my father in law went out there expecting to see a dead dog, not a chance Angel only had a stunned look on his face and a little scrape on his chin. The next day the girl came over to make sure he was all right, she said when she saw the flying Rottie she got frightened and took off down the street. I am trying to get them a sign made that says "Caution flying Rottweilers patrolling property" I realize it could've been tragic, but the visual of it just cracks me up.


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LOL! I bet the term "when rotties fly" is not taken casually at your house! Ha-ha!

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That is hilarious! I keep thinking of what it must have looked like!
I'm so glad he wasn't hurt!

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I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh either! :D LOL! I swear dogs are almost indestructible sometimes. I think they have their own set of lives, just like cats. Today Major was jumping up at me cause I had food and he bounced off of me and lost his balance and hit his head on the glass coffee table. Hard! :( We checked him out, but he felt good enough to go over and snatch my sandwich up, that I set down! He was a little tender on that spot, but all seemed okay. Such a clutz!

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