I survived 11 days without my Boxers

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Yea!!we are finally home from our vacation in California, boy did I miss Samson and Athena. I left them with my mother in law, I don't think they will be welcomed back again. They ate all her outside plants, they were so happy to see us, have been the biggest babies in the world since coming home. I am not sure they were treated the best there, for that I am sorry. I don't know if I can ever leave them for that long again. I was having Boxer withdrawals, my hubby thinks I am totally over the edge, we went to this dog beach and I saw a young man with a Boxer, I jumped out of the van and ran over to him like a crazy woman and told him I just had to love his dog because I missed my two so much. I turned around to look at my family, they had this look of embarassment on their faces, then guided me away cautiously. Am I crazy or what? LOL Well, just wanted to get that off my chest, good to be back reading the board.


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Welcome back JoAnn :) You are not in the least bit crazy! My parents are retired and travelling full time, at least once a fortnight they will tell me that they had a Boxer cuddle and talk. They tell these poor Boxer owners all about their Boxer 'grandkids'.

If anyone in Australia gets accosted by a nice retired couple who rave about Boxers be nice to them as it is probably my Mum and Dad :D


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This is really too funny.

We never had dogs as kids and my folks are not really "dog people."

A couple weeks ago, my parents were away for the weekend. They ran into someone with a boxer and my mother went up and talked to them! She told them all about her daughter's boxers and how they really must check out the "boxer board" on the internet (although she didn't have the web address). :rolleyes:

I thought I was the only nutso about boxers. Now my mother has caught it too!!! And she doesn't even have a dog! :p


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LOL, I can just see you in my mind running like a "crazy women" to see another boxer! I can relate, I left Morgan for one day, and I could hardly wait to get home to see her. We are a pathetic lot aren't we? :D

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You are so not alone in this.Ever since I got coco who is ten months old I am absolutly obsesed with them.Someone new just moved into my neighborhood and they have a boxer.Well these poor people must think I am a stalker, because everytime i pass their house I slow down to see if it is out so I can stop and introduce myself.And when my husband comes home I acutually tell him what coco did before I tell him about the kids. But i must say he is no better coco gets a kiss before i do!! but thats ok because you just cant resist that smushy face.
We took our 2 Boxers, and Dachsund, over 1,200 miles from NY to Fla Keys, then Maimi, Orlando, then Nashville. We rented a minivan and called it the "Caravan of Critters". They are terrible in hotels when we leave them, the younger Boxer and the Doxie act like idiots in the lobby because they hate everyone except their beloveds (the 10 year old was used to a lot of attention and was a sweetie) so we have to find back stairwells-forget elevators if someone wants to get on. In Miami, I went up and down 5 stories each time with each dog for walking time (but I have to admit, my legs in shorts have not looked better in a long time LOL).

So, would I ever leave them home? NEVER! They are my babies. Plus, you never know what could happen when someone caring for them (friend, relative, pet hotel) is not as vigilant as you, if your Boxers are delicate as mine are/were. The 10 year old had a fabulous trip, and he loved walking around warm beaches. He passed two months later from a heart arrythmia caused by a brief bloating incident that was caught early but again, these dogs are so delicate, and he had a lot of problems.
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